Spy handles wearing funny! Help!

  1. Hey all!
    I just got a brand new Cognac spy from a pf member a few weeks ago.

    I just got back from a few days in NYC and my poor spy probably took a bit of a beating.
    Anyway, i JUST noticed that on both handles on the insides at the top where they would rub together, some of the leather looks like it's "worn" a little and now there are little spots on the braiding that look darker like what the little sides of the "strips" are finished in.

    I hope someone can understand how i described that... heh.
    I would take a pic, but i don't have a camera at the office with me.

    Has anyone else had this problem??? I don't have the receipt to take it anywhere to be fixed/exchanged. :cry:
  2. I'm confused. Can you take a pic?
  3. An SA told me that the Cognacs were made to wear easier to give off a vintage look.

    Unless its something different?
  4. Yeah, i understand about the leather on the body of the bag wearing to give a vintage feel, but the wearing is on the handles. They're kind of "peeling" a bit.

    Ugh! I ddin't think this would happen with such a costly bag!

    I'll take a pic when i get home and post it.
  5. Peeling? hmm thats weird.. The only thing I really heard about the Spys' handles, are of the thorns on the handles coming loose.
  6. A picture would certainly help. If yours is brand new there shouldn't be any problems with wearing out at all. It may be a manufacturing defect that warrants an exchange. But pictures, please, so we can help see if there is a problem or not.
  7. aw- sorry to hear that!
  8. oohhh my gossh! good luck
  9. Post pics asap so we can understand what is happening...Sorry this happened to your bag..I would be upset too..
  10. Here are pics of the handles....
    also i put some pics of the whole bag. It's so preeeetty, i just wish the handles weren't messed up!:sad:
    SPY 001.jpg SPY 003.jpg SPY 004.jpg SPY 005.jpg
  11. oo the handles are kind of bad ... did you wear hand lotion while carrying it? I find that if I use any kind of perfumed lotion it completely ruins the high end designer bag handles - but I have dry hands so I just have to deal with it.
  12. I usually don't wear any hand lotion because i hate to get it on my bags, but i DID use anti-bacterial lotion because i was riding the trains all day and using icky bathrooms....
    Could have that caused it?
  13. Hmmm, my guess is that anti-bacterial lotion i.e. like Purell might strip the effects of treated leather. Since most high end bags are already treated, it could have resulted because of that. Did you try moisturizing the handles w/ leather moisturizer (Coach carries a good one)? Maybe that might diminish the look. My SA at coach and Bergdorfs told me that moisturizer doesn't have an effect on treated leather.

  14. I was referring to moisturizer for leather goods only
  15. Thanks for the tip! I'll try some moisturizer tonight. I have some Applegarde, so i'll try that. :smile:
    I hope it helps the look of it... Although it does seem like it peeled.