Spy functionality - how do you...

  1. ... use the long thingy in front (sorry I don't know what's it called :sweatdrop:) and the flap thingy (:sweatdrop:)? I just got my first cognac spy (other thread) and was wondering, I feel like it's so mysterious LOL! The whole bag and color reminds me of ancient Egypt somehow :lol: - in a good way!

    TIA! :yes:
  2. I don't put anything in it. I know kneehighz puts q-tips in hers. I have read that a member's friend once had money in it and it fell out. In all the times that i have used my spy I have caught it open once. I'm too scared to put anything in it for fear I will lose it, but I love it. It makes the spy so special.
  3. Thanks kavnadoo! I was thinkiing of putting my lip balm in there but if the compartment can open unnoticed, I don't know..

    And what do you put in the flap (pocket)?
  4. Mobile and lipstick. Don't really want to be fumbling around for my mobile when it rings.
  5. agreed. i put my mobile and keys there. as long as the items are at the bottom of the pouch, even when it opens up, because of the folding, they will remain in there.
  6. ^Good point! I'll try that right now.
  7. I wish I could put my keys in there but I don't want them scratching my mobile screen. My keys go in the bottom of the bag underneath a jumper that I use to 'stuff' my spy pretty. I think it looks best semi full.
  8. i use the cards etc that came with the bag to separate the mobile from the keys in there :p
  9. That's a good idea. But I like to put as little in the compartment as possible. I know I'm being fussy but I find that if it is too heavy it kinda weighs the middle of the bag down.
  10. I put sticks of gum or hairbands in the long wandy dealie. It works quite well for those purposes!

    And I put my keys and my cell in the big old floppy holder thing.
  11. I do the exact same thing! With kids, I always need to carry sugarless gum...and they know exactly where to go - inside my bag's long-wandy-dealie! I only put my cell in my floppy-holder-thingy. My keys are easily found in my spy because they're attached to a long leather strap and my red paddy keychain! (my avatar)

    As far as the inside of my Spy - I can find stuff easily because I only have 5 things in there - my keys, my wallet, my black paddy cosmetic pouch, my pocket-sized Franklin planner, and a 4" x 6" flat mesh zip folder for my pens, receipts and other little miscellany. That way, there's nothing loose in the bottom of my bag. It also helps to have things color-coded, too!

    Hey Kavnadoo-try using these screenguardz for your phone - they work great for my Moto Q so I don't even have to use a special smartphone carrying case anymore!


    I love the idea of stuffing my Spy to make it look poofier... any other suggestions?
  12. ^I have one on my mobile, but thanks for the suggestion. :smile: I guess I'm a bit fussy, I don't want to scratch the back of the phone as well.
  13. Hair ties go in the long, braided thing, and mobile and keys in the purse flap! Havent' had any problems with the braided compartment coming open...
  14. LOL!! One of my friends calls the spys the "pharaoh" bag because the spywand (the handle thingy) looks like the beard or something of "the Egyptions". Excuse his ignorance in bags and Egyptions..lol. Well yes I had originally put Q-tips in there..it was funny, but I don't put anything in anymore. 2 of my spys have the cap open accidentally so everything would fall out, only one is tight but I still don't use it. I use the flap on top for my phone so I don't have to search for it in my bag, and anything else I want to grab quickly like some coins, gum, keys..condoms (for quick safety access!):nuts: Ok I don't really put condoms in there, just wishful thinking I guess:push::shame:
  15. Question: Does anyone have a problem with their spy wand squeaking - especially due to car motor vibration? If so, what do you do? :confused1: WD40? Hmmm...