Spy Family Photo + Velvet Squirrel Spy!

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  1. Thought ya'll might enjoy some new Spy pr0n.

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  2. Fabulous!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow fabulous collection, congrats!
  4. When I first saw this bag, I was like "why?..." but now, I vote yes. Sooooo pretty!

    Seller sent it in a George Foreman Grill box, though!!

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  5. Some green and white pics :wlae:

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  6. Very nice.

    P.S. Does it scare you when you open your room/door and see a bunches of them sitting together? I have three and it did scare the heck out of me at one time. Seriously. It gaves me goosebumps. Kind like you see a bunches of barbies sitting together....at one point, one will get scared.
  7. Thanks, Roz and Sewon!
  8. Congrats on the new acquisition LIT!! You & SAICH have colorwheel collections...so dazzling! :yahoo::wlae::yahoo:Serious drool material here...:drool:
  9. hehe... haven't had that problem yet. sometimes i think they are one of my cats, though.
  10. Yes, I should be banned from the internets :crybaby:
  11. Wow... what a collection! You have fantastic taste. My fave is the velvet one, but they are all gorgeous!!!:heart:
  12. Thank you! I love them all. The velvet's lining is a gorgeous electric blue color--like the squirrel's tail. I can't wait to take her out. She is so luxe:love:
  13. Beautiful collection Lit, Hopefully one day i will have as many as you. Congrats on your new purchase! Gorge Foreman Grill box?!?! ....Thats definately original! haha
  14. I love them all.. Envy
  15. Such a beautiful collection of spys. Love your new one its stunning. Soooooooooo please for you:yahoo:
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