spy emergency 911 !!!!!!!!

  1. hi spy gals...

    im desperately looking for a metalic spy a.s.a.p as my sisters birthday is soon and she's killing for one...

    so if u have seen gold, silver or hologram spy near u please please tell me as her b.day is in 10 days...:push:

    a trusted web site will do too:supacool:

    thanx alooooooooooooooooooooooooot:jammin:
  2. I think you should try NM.. if you order from their website there's either free shipping or faster shipping at a lower price or some sort of promotion like that.
  3. You can get free two day delivery with code: SHOPNM

    According to the e-mail, that code's good until 12/20/06 at midnight.
  4. I knew someone would know it :roflmfao:
  5. thanx girls...ur really great help...

    i'll try both sites..

    loooooooooooooooooooooooove u all
  6. NM is sold out :sad:
  7. I just got a silver one & have been thinking of selling/returning it. Ummm ummm, I need to think about it more... I do LOVE it, but I could use the $$ for the Chanel Ritz I'm dying to have. Ohhh, I hate decisions!
  8. Try bergdorf's? They have a lot of the same items as NM :p
  9. bluefly had a silver and gold one
  10. I do believe that Bloomie's at Town Center Mall (Boca Raton) has a light gold metallic Spy with whitish braided handles...it is stunning
    call Ruth and tell her Claudia referred you
    (561) 394-2000
  11. I'd be veerrrry cautious about purchasing from bluefly, but that's just me :yes:
  12. oh thanx alooooooooooot girls...
    i've been trying alot of international boutiques but no luck..i'll try bloomies
    i'll keep my fingers crossed!!:sweatdrop:

    thanx alot..u've been a great help....:wlae:

    is this number with the international code??
  13. Solitair.. you need to dial +1 before dialing the number pursonality gave you. +1 is the country code for the US.. the numbers in brackets are the area codes.