Spy Compartments

  1. What do you carry in your spy compartments on the flap and handle?
  2. I put my cell phone in the flap..
  3. Cigs.:shame:
  4. my phone in big one and £10 in the small one. That way I know I at least have my taxi money home should I spend all the other money in my purse on a night out!
  5. hooooooooo bad girl!!!;) I smoke too!

    I carry my dior miror, money (that I can never catch at the moment I need it), and my keys (same, I never find them either).
  6. Bad girl!!!:yucky:
  7. i don't put anything in them. i'm too paranoid that they will break if i open and close them too often. i've heard that some bags won't stay shut after a while.
  8. Cell phone..................
  9. I don't have anything put in them either.
  10. I put my keys and phone in the snap compartment and nothing in the mirrored tube. The latch doesn't stay closed on one of my bags, so whatever I put in there would fall out easily.
  11. Car Key since im always losing it or forgetting it somewhere.:shame:
  12. I keep my Oyster card in the top flap for easy access and occasionally keys too. Just saves rooting around in the bag whist a thousand angry commuters wait behind me in the tube station! Don't keep anything in the tube compartment though.
  13. car and house keys in the flap. nothing in the handle as it is too narrow for all my Dior and Chanel lippies
  14. Blackberry and my Vuitton 6 key holder. Nothing goes inside of the little tube thingy. In fact, I don't think I've ever opened it.

    Wow! Are there really that many latch problems with this bag?! Mine is very secure and it's never come open on it's own.
  15. whats the tube compartment. i know that there is the purse thing in the front. but wahts the tube thing