Spy colour in 2008 ...any idea?

  1. I ‘m so much fallen in love to the spy, literally I own 2...one in white and the other in metallic gold...Do you know what is the next season or the 2008 color? Will the metallic gold or silver be relaunched again? Can’t get enough for jus one metallic .....hehehe :love:
  2. No news yet on the new colours but will be speaking to my SA the end of the week and will try and ring Harrods as the Manager their is excellent, she might know, but think its a bit early yet.
  3. i talked to a saleswoman in the fendi store in london about this, and she was really condescending and acted like they don't make seasonal colors. so who knows.
  4. ^Weird. I'm sorry she was like that Lit. Reminds me of the SA's that tell you a bag is out of season and mock you when they're still carrying several of them so obviously they're not that old..(something I read on the prada thread). Sometimes they really are poorly informed. Anyway I have no useful information, just wanted to say that I can't wait to find out the colors either!
  5. I was at the fendi store a while back and i saw the zucca print and brown leather spy with a metallic-ey type of handle, it was brown but had bits of glitter or shimmer from what i can remember. It was gorgeous. I want a spy really bad now.
  6. btw guys i'm talking about this style. And i just read thats it's 07/08


    incase the pic doesnt show up click here:

    i know thats the baby spy but they had similar colours in the regular spy as well

  7. Yeah, she was a twit. She said to me "we don't do seasonal colors--did someone tell you that?" It was totally condescending. I don't know what her problem was. I wanted to tell her off and be like "listen lady, I own 8 spys and know more about them than you ever will, screw off!"
  8. Yes, that one has been out since this summer, along with the tribal spy.
  9. URGH.... Sorry you had to put up with that. It really turns me off when sales people are like that. Even if she thought that they didn't do seasonal colours she didn't need to give attitude.
  10. I asked the SA at Neiman Marcus in White Plains and he told me that the tribal, brown, black, and bronze zucca were it for the fall, aside from the embellished spies that cost around $5000. Basically just fancy expensive ones for the fall:shame:
  11. Lit you should have said that to her, it would have shut her up. Plus their is always new colours for each season, she did not know what she was talking about. Speaking to my SA on Saturday (shes not in till then) and will speak to Harrods Manager tomorrow if she does not know she will find out for me. if I hear anything will let you know but think its more like November time when Fendi in Italy let on to the Managers what the new line is going to be.
  12. I didnt ask about new colors when I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago but the SA at NM told me that they are palnning on carrying more of the embellished Spys that cost like $5,000. He also said that they are going to only have bags that are a thousand and above. I bet it is only in the Vegas Store though. In May they had Kooba, IF bags Botkier etc and when I went back in Sept. they were all gone.
  13. I asked about new colours here in Australia and my SA said all they got in the november drop that was new was the Metallic Zucca (which I really do not like personally). Would love to see a purple... I love your emerald spy Saich......
  14. i hope they come out with their teal w. green handle spies again :nuts: (i'm not sure if that color exists or it could just be the green spy) also a plum spy would be nice!