Spy: Classic or Trend as of Fall 2006

  1. I'm still deciding if I want to take the plunge and buy the cognac spy, I tried to look up everyone's opinions on if it's still in or not, but most of the posts I found were from several months ago. So I'm checking in now to see if people think the bag is still in this fall (or a classic) or already on its way out. :yes: Thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. I think the only people who have to seriously consider that the bag isn't a new style are people who are Editors for fashion magazines.

    You know?

    I've been wearing my new Spy for the past 3 days and I've gotten a ton of compliments and all of the people who've asked about the bag had NO idea what it was.
    The people who did know what it was were openly jealous.

    I think it's a classic.
    It's gorgeous, a perfect size, great for the shoulder and hand.
  3. amen to that.. praise the spy gawds. lol
  4. I think it's trendy personally BUT! I think it's not so trendy that it'll ever actually go out of style. . . KWIM?

    It's not an over the top right now dated look to me, it's got a classic enough design/colors for lasting power.
  5. I agree with the fashion editor comment. Regular people are certainly still okay to sport the spy bag. I just carried mine to an upscale mall last night and the sales people were quite interested in it. Go for it!
  6. I agree with those who said it is a trendy bag but it hasn't stopped me from buying three!!!:nuts: I don't hang out with Hollywood elite so I don't really care if I am carrying an "outdated" (in their opinion) bag. I LOVE my SPY bags and will carry them for a long time! GO FOR IT if you LOVE it!!!
  7. I agree with the others, I still get lots of compliments from people on the streets for my black Spy. Personally, the Spy is such a great carryall bag, I could care less whether it's going to be out-of-style or not... In fact, I'm carrying the bag for my own enjoyment, not for others. :smile:
  8. I have a feeling the Spy bag will become a classic Fendi. I have a chocolate brown Spy that I will be wearing this fall/winter.
  9. I think it's a gorgeous bag! Definately something that can be used over and over and over again!
  10. Classic for sure and so very beautiful.

    It's quite subtle and lacks the bells and whistles of say the paddington which is fast nearing the end of its 15mins of fame JMO
  11. classic!!!
  12. I think right now they seem to be more trendy but I think the more people catch on to them, they could possibly be a classic. I know many people that have more than one in different colors. That makes it classic IMHO.
  13. I’ve recently purchased a black spy in Rome and when I was in Capri a few days later I took it out for a stroll. Many female heads turned when I walked through the cozy streets of Capri and when sales people in the exclusive boutiques that I went in to were commenting my spy bag in italian J It was really cool to hear the italians say: "Che bellissima la sua borsa!!!" "What a beautiful bag"! And they were not aware that I could understand them ;):yahoo:
  14. I think spy bag will become classic and I love my three spies no matter what!:love: :love: :love:
  15. I honestly think it is a trend. Much like the B bag. Even though they have made it for a few seasons now, doesn't mean that it will be a style that is out forever. I think both of these bags will eventually get dated. They are beautiful handbags, but the classic Fendi bags are the Baguette, The momma baguette and the selleria collection (just to name a few). Those styles come out every year.