Spy Chocolate vs. Black

  1. Hi girls, I can't make up my mind on whether to get the Chocolate or Black. I've always thought the Black was amazing, but somehow ended up purchasing other colors (I think it's because I'm thinking they'd always make Black since it's a classic color, so I spend my $ on others, and end up never getting the black!). But I recently saw the Chocolate and was wow'ed by that as well... so now Im confused! I'd love to take one home for Christmas and either color would work wonders with my wardrobe. Any owners of black & chocolate or just a Spy fan in general out there that care to give their thoughts? I appreciate it. Thank you!
  2. fduff - Do you have lots of bags in either color? I am really fond of the chocolate color. Of course one should always have a black bag or 12. I just think the Spy handles in a more natural color look awesome. So brown gets my vote.
  3. I have a choco spy, and she is one of my favourite bags. I think the deep brown colour accentuates the girly styling of the spy and goes so well. Very sophisticated. My vote is definitely for the chocolate. :yes:

  4. Could you post photos of your chocolate? I'd love to see her! :smile:
  5. LOL, I do have a few bags in both color (Well, more brown than chocolate per se. I only have 2 dark brown colors, both of them YSL. Others are medium brown or camel). I'm just wondering which color holds up better over time with the blushing :confused1:
  6. I think black would be better if you are concerned about blushing, but I also think that newer bags do not blush as much as the older ones did.
  7. They're both gorgeous, so it's a win-win! Frankly, I am a fan of the cognac and chocolate.. :yes: Good luck with your decision! :tup:
  8. I have both, and I needed both. I more often wear some shade of brown, but whenever I have a black outfit, I carry the black one as I don't have many black bags.
  9. LOL! I love that!! :tup:

    I'd love to end up with both... over time! Does anyone know if the Chocolate is a classic they'll continue to make, or is just the Black? (That might just make my decision easier, knowing what's seasonal and what's permanent)...
  10. I second that! Both colours are amazing!

    ooo just for reference heres a picture of my black spy

  11. i am loving your black -- that bag is stunning!!
  12. I would go for the Chocolate. I love the rich dark brown color of it, and I think the color holds any distressing/blushing very well. It makes it look like it's supposed to be that way. Of course you cant go wrong with black either, but I think the chocolate also shows off the bubbly texture of the leather better.
    It's a win/win situation either way!
  13. Her's a pic of my Chocolate Spy:heart::
  14. Hi, here's the thread I started when I first got her! Good luck with your decision. Either way, I know you'll be thrilled! :yes:
    [​IMG] Say hi to Miss Spy-- my new chocolate Love!
  15. Fduff - Here is a closer picture of the chocolate... notice the yumminess of the color... :graucho: