Spy? Bbag? I've Officially Lost My Mind!!!

  1. Given that I already have a lovely assortment of LV's, and a Balenciaga Twiggy, and a Chloe Paddington, why the hell am I flipping myself out trying to choose a Fendi? And why can't I decide what it is that I want... a Spy or a Bbag?

    I just switched from the LV Azur Speedy I carried through the summer to a Damier Speedy, and I love it:heart:, but I keep wondering if I should grab up a scrumptious Spy in either Honey or Cognac. And then while looking at various listings, I discovered a black Bbag that would just look so sharp! And I'm an elementary school teacher... not a career that requires high-end fashionable dressing. I just LOVE high-end bags, I guess.
  2. Mmm.... that's a tough choice. How about one of each??
  3. Beth, since its your first, and you are a teacher...definitely a Spy Bag!! :tup: and then one of each of colors you like....:drool: I can't decide at all so i just get one of each....but its weird, I never know which one I will carry the most...:confused1:

    This is not to belittle the B Bag, they are a gorgeous bag, but they are more hmmmm...upscale/stylish to me. I have a casual lifestyle and just would not carry one every day, like I do a spy. The chain portion of the strap and the way they balance is a bit less friendly/comfortable than a spy also...just my 2 cents. :yes:

    Plus, you can look mysterious/enigmatic in the classroom as you put secret messages in the spywand container!
  4. baglady.1, :smile: I just love that word: SPYWAND!
  5. Get the spy in honey! Ok that's what *I* would get! You should too because its a great first fendi (yes first, trust me there will be more), and I think it would hold much of what you'd like to bring with you to school. Careful that the kids don't get to it!
  6. You can't go wrong with either bag...however the spy gets my vote...For me its just a fun bag and I get lots of compliments...my favorite compliments come from the SAs at Nordstroms who take my bag off my arm and models in the mirror and states "we so love this bag"...Good luck with the bag search...
  7. I would go for the bubbly leather of the spy over a bbag, it's just so addicting. Honey and cognac are both lovely colors.