Spy Baguette

  1. I was on Elux last night and noticed that the Zucca baguette had a tortuga shoulder strap but the one on Jomashop doesn't. What gives? Are there two different straps or is it that one is a fake? :push:
  2. Could you post links? It's probably just me but I don't know which bags you are referring to. :smile:
  3. She is talking about the little Spy Pochette. It has the tortuga flap and handle.
  4. Ok, and now I'm mad because the price went up. I should've bought that little sucker when it was under $300. This always happens when I don't buy right away. *kicks self*
  5. Me too. I bought one for my friend's daughter at $290 and now it is $396. I so wanted one for myself but was buying the Zucca Spy and thought I did not need two in Zucca. :cursing: