Spy bags and plane rides

  1. Hi,

    I am thinking of bringing my new spy bag for my next business trip but paranoid about getting it scratched at security checkpoints or crushed on the plane? :ninja:

    Does anyone bring their spy on board a flight? How to protect it from any possible 'accidents'? :huh:

    Any advice will be appreciated!
  2. I've brought my white spy on the plane a few times recently. I keep it in its dustbag while traveling and store it underneath the seat rather than in the overhead bin. I haven't had any problems.
  3. I was on 4 flights in the past few weeks and on each one I was so tempted to take my spy. I am glad I didn't though. I don't mean to scare you wubble but unless you want your bag to be handled by someone else don't do it. Here's my nightmare... :crybaby:

    I have a long metal strip across the top of my Gucci wallet that was in my bag. (I ended up carrying my Gucci Abbey Script Tote.) The guy dragged my bag across the belt by the end and lifted it holding it by its corner, then when the bag was dragged right across he took the handle. :wtf: My heart stopped. He takes my bag to the person sitting by the X-ray screens and asks what the problem was. Turned out that the metal strip on my purse was the problem. I bet they reckoned it was a knife. :blah:

    So... nope it's not over yet... He brings my bag over to me puts it on a table and starts going through it. Makes me everything out. He then takes my purse for further examination while I get over the horror of "what-if-I-had-taken-my-spy-and-he-dragged-it-across-the-dirty-black-belt-and-held-it-by-the-ends-and-not-the-handles"

    If it was my spy I would have lost it... :cursing: (well not really, but I would have said something.) My point being, I do a fair bit of travelling and I have never been searched before. Had I thought that and decided to take my spy instead I would have had a heart attack... literally. I love my bags too much for them to be manhandled.

    Another thing is when on the flight and you're not lucky enough to be able to get a seat for your bag :p, your bag is on the floor next to you and the person next to you spills their drink? Or you spill your drink on it? I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something like that happened.

    (PS: I lived in Singapore when I was in high school, I absolutely love the food and the shopping!!!)
  4. I'm glad this thread was posted, I was wondering the same kinds of things. Thanks for the info. Sorry that happened to you Kav. I always put my purse in the trays..lol, that might prevent possible dragging. I loved Singapore too, only been there twice though. First time I went I told my parents I wanted to live there!
  5. Thanks for the replies :smile: I do quite a bit of travelling for work, and I always only wear my 'normal' bags, and pack the designer one in the carry on luggage instead.

    Kav: I would faint if any of my nicer bags get manhandled in the same way!!!

    Kav and Kneehighz: glad to hear both of you like Singapore. Hope that you will visit again!
  6. I took my honey just this weekend actually to see Secret Shopaholic.

    At security, I popped her in the box the way I would any luggage, and on board I put her under the seat in front, I didnt take a dustbag but I popped her on top of a magazine I had taken with me.

    She was fine, absolutely no problems whatsoever! I honestly would say after my experience, I would do it again without question :smile:
  7. I took my white spy on the plane and brought another bag to put her in when I was on the plane and then put her under the seat in front. I have flown before where someone has spilt a drink and it has run down the length of the plane!! (probably because of take off!) So I am extra careful to put any of my bags in a plastic carrier! Otherwise, they make great travel bags...lots of space and easy to carry!
  8. I recently bought my spy onboard the plane and as lit says, i stored it in its dustbag in the underseat storage section. People just don't take care when throwing things in the overheads, so i thought it would be safer at my feet!!

    I also never had a problem on the security belt, it just went straight through in its dust bag, so no scratches etc!!
  9. Yikes! That's quite a story. I don't have a Spy yet, but I was thinking about taking my new Chloe Tekla on my next trip. Maybe I'll just leave it at home. I got searched once, and my bags were put on the floor during the search. When I picked them up, I noticed the little puddle of water on the ground, sigh...

  10. I just got into New York and took my Spy with me! I would do it again in a heart beat b/c its roomy and gawgeous! I actually held it the entire flight which consisted of actually 2--1hr flights. I had a snack, a drink, a book, my wallet, a coach wristlet, hand sanitizer, my ipod, cell phone and a lil blanket to cover with and I would have died if I didn't have it!

    The flight attendents always let me hold my bag and I am too much of a control freak to put it on the floor or overhead. I hope that helped!
  11. I took mine on a family trip to Orlando ... I used the tray and it was fine.

    I also put it under the seat in front of me; there is no way I'd put it overhead ... but I would never put any purse in an overhead, whether it was worth $25 or $2500.

    If I am travelling with a laptop bag and a small rolling suitcase to carry-on, I put my high end purses in the rolling ... I NEVER CHECK MY DESIGNER SHOES OR HANDBAGS ... there is too high probability they might be stolen.
  12. Have to use common sense when traveling with good bags. I've seen airline security pull everything out of peoples carryons. I figure that if there are going to go through someones underware, they won't care how much I've paid for a bag.

    Look at how they treat luggage. I leave the really good bags at my parents house (my house was robbed once and they got a ton of LV's!).

    One of the best carryons I've ever seen was a Coach Patchwork Gallery Tote. Everything in sight and a sturdy bag. Holds magazines, books, and water bottle up right. And they are easily replaceable if anything happens. I keep one just for traveling.
  13. I agree with people spilling things and it running down the length of the plane. Put anything in a plastic bag. If I am bringing a nice handbag with me I keep it on my lap.