Spy Bag Zips

  1. Can anybody help? I've just seen a Squirrel Spy on eBay. Seller says it has no zip as top closure, but is genuine Fendi and very secure. This never occurred to me as I presumed that all had zip-top closures. Would that make it a fake? :confused1: Bag is black leather Squirrel Spy with goldtone hardware.
  2. No regular spy has a zipper, only baby spy/baulotto or a hobo - none of the latter are squirrels.

    The bag you describe is may not be authentic -- suggest you submit your spy bag choices to the Authenticate this Fendi thread to prevent unhappy consequences.
  3. Thanks very much, Baglady! :okay: I have only ever seen Spy bags in pics and hadn't noticed this. I haven't actually bought that Spy. I'm just looking at the mo, and asking the seller various questions before I commit.
  4. heather, i strongly second baglady's suggestion that you post the auction in "authenticate this". There are tons of fakes on eBay--probably 90% or more of the Spys are fakes, and all the sellers will swear up and down they are real. some even have fake receipts, made-up stories about how their aunt bought it from fendi, etc. please be careful and don't waste your hard-earned money on any of these scammers!
  5. Thanks, litigatrix. I may well post that auction for all to see. I'm also wondering whether Fendi actually makes black Nappa leather Squirrels. I didn't see on on the Fendi Spy list submitted here!
  6. I made the spy list. I will admit that there are some bags missing (especially new season bags, since I haven't updated since the summer), but there are black nappa fake squirrel spys all over the place, especially on ioffer, and they are all fake.
  7. Thanks Litigatrix (both for the great list and the advice). I have been wary of the Squirrel Spy as the seller seems to have a story about its original owner. She said she's selling the bag for her sister-in-law, but the sister-in-law would refund my money if I bought the bag then wasn't satisfied. Also, I'm left wondering why the sister-in-law is selling a brand new bag that still has wrapping round the handles. Buyer Beware? I'm sure this bag would be very nice, but not the real deal! Nobody seems to be bidding on it yet either.