Spy Bag or Paddington?

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  1. I was wondering what's your take on this one. I just bought a white spy bag this week, but was already thinking of getting a paddington. I was wondering is it worth it to buy the paddington? And which one do you like the best anyway? Any takes...
  2. I am going to have both next week. I bought my spy and then a few days later got on the list for the next shipment of paddingtons. They are both totally different bags, so I guess its all a matter of preference. I don't actually have the paddy yet so I can't say its better than the spy. I love my spy though :biggrin: Its so roomy and the secret compartments are nice. I like to stick my cell in the coin purse compartment.

    Where is the white spy available? Is it the pure white? I thought that wouldnt be available until the 06 stuff started coming in.
  3. Where can you buy a paddington online? And how much does it cost? You guys are starting to influence me.... ;)
  4. I'm not sure if you can buy a Paddington online at the suggested retail price, you can most likely get a real one that's super marked up on eBay.

    The best thing to do is just go to your local retailer of fine goods (and Chloe authorized!) and get put in a waiting list.

    Personally, if I had the money, I'd get both. But seeing as how I don't even have the money for one.. it's just me sitting around being envious ! Haha.
  5. Do you have to choose? Love them both in brown! Both are roomy and slouchy with the softest leather. I love the new model of the Paddy coming in the Spring, a little different.

  6. Sometimes NM has them online, very rarely though. Bergdorfgoodman.com also. Net-a-porter used to have them, but I'm not sure if they still do. Good luck!:biggrin:
  7. I went to New York last weekend after my boyfriend literally forced me to come with him (*he bought my ticket without telling me :evil: *) and I am not regretting it :lol: . I think I just got lucky because the Fendi store just re-open on Fifth the day before and they got new shipment of Spy on the store. I actually wanted to buy the dark blue or brown spy, but since the white one looks so much preetier, I bought that one. The only thing that become my concern is that I am scared it will stain or something, but I definitely not regreting that buy :biggrin: .

    I guess I am waiting for the Spring Chloe to come in. Where do you look at the models and color for 06 though? I am looking for it everywhere and couldn't find one :sad2:.

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  8. I can post a couple of pics of the Spring '06 Chloe's if you like.
  9. Pls do post the chloe 06 collection. Thks.
  10. Yes, pictures please. The white Spy is so yummy.:P
  11. Hi,

    Here is an example of the Spring Paddy's. I decided to not give all the colors and more examples of the Chloe bags because of all the counterfeit folks out there. I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference with this one post, but you never know!

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  12. That white spy bag is amazing.....if you dont mind me asking, how much did that set you back? Are there different sizes or are there just those huge ones? Either way, its gorgeous!!!!
  13. i like the paddington better. it was love at first site before i knew how popular it was :P

    honestly, i don't like the spy at all. it looks like a big rounded pillow with two fat cables for handles :x
  14. That white spy is so gorgeous. Love the white leather!! I never seen this color before.
  15. It's the same price as the regular spy 2K...not a limited edition. I just got it earlier than most of the stores... They are the standard size I think for a spy. Not the small one though.