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  1. So here's my deal, I want a Fendi Spy bag but I don't plan on buying one until the fall. Do you think the Spy bag is a trend or if it will become a classic such as a baguette? I don't want to spend that much money on something is out of style or on its way out. Help Please!
  2. I think its in for good..it better be...I spent the money on one!!
  3. Totally agree Jill.. it better be!
  4. People were worried about the Balenciaga bag - and look how long that's lasted! I think the spy has more staying power than the b bag.
  5. it's a classic. well, worth the money. you'll love it.
  6. I hope so! I plan on using mine for a looooooooong time!
  7. I think it's in
  8. You will love it regardless of whether it is in or out. It's too beautiful of a bag to be a passing trend.
  9. I just bought another one! I hope it's here for a while. They keep making more new styles.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself :biggrin:
  11. hmmm not sure if it will become a classic. hard to tell. it's a great bag though regardless it will be a classic or not. and if you love it, you love it. although i wonder if you may get tired of the dangling handle bit.
  12. If you love a bag its always "in"!
  13. it is in style now for ever, at least i think so.
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