Spy Bag On Bluefly

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  1. I was just browsing at bluefly and there is a spy bag to whomever is interested.
  2. That's the one I've been looking for!!! grrrrrr for not having any money right now. How long do you girls think it will be up?
  3. knowing bluefly..not long AT ALL...:sad:

  4. I agree - maybe 10 minutes. You should put it in your cart though...
  5. Did someone just put in it their basket!!!

    If you dont want it, can i have it!!!!
  6. It's showing as not available right now, but it's worth checking back now and then as bags often pop in and out of peoples carts!:P :biggrin:
  7. Ya, I agree, when I was interested in the CD coin puch, every other day it was unavailable..so I bookmakred it so I could check that way..it seems like at any time it can come back...good luck :smile:
  8. I did the same with the pink Chanel tote I got...I kept the link and clicked it every hour or so. Finally it showed up and I bought it quickly! :o)
  9. Good luck everyone! :biggrin: I'm sure that one will be back, it was up for the longest before!
  10. Just keep checking back... it may go back up!
  11. it is back up now
  12. geezzz louizzz....just when i was going to click buy....its outta stock!!!
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