spy bag discontinued

  1. According to 2 Fendi Sa
    Starting fall 12 no more spy bags :sad:
  2. yeah i work for fendi and unfortunately i've been seeing stock of the spy bag dwindle. i think the company is just gonna sell thru what they have and thats the end of it. :sad:
  3. This is sad they are such a classic and iconic bag :sad: Maybe they will do a comeback in a few years like the baguette ;) So glad I've managed to build up a little collection of spies although I don't use them half as much as I should do!
  4. No this is not correct have been told by Fendi in Italy they will be bringing the spy back in some form perhaps next year......just bought a number of brand new spies through Harrods in the UK who have got them from Italy and they have told Harrods that the spy will be back
  5. I hope so:smile:
    I just tried to do another special order spy
    And Italy said they could not do it
    because they are not in production :sad:
  6. I hope they bring the spy bag back too!
  7. love the spy i think it would be foolish for them not to have it as a mainstay (like the speedy}
  8. I agree. It's such an iconic bag for Fendi and it's one of my first designer bags too.
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    Glad I read this post. Have an all black leather spy.
  10. The Spy is the best bag ever! I hope it comes back because they are beautiful.
  11. I had a couple of Cognacs (I bought, then sold and re-bought as they are such iconic bags) ... now I have a black patent I bought on the MP.

    Gorgeous bag & I like how they will be considered somewhat LE now!
  12. I have a Blueberry Spy that I'm contemplating selling to fund other bags. But everytime I pull it out of its dustbag and take it out for a day, I just can't bring myself to give it up!!! The Spy is such a gorgeous bag with a truly unique design. I'm so glad I have one in my collection.
  13. It's really odd that they would discontinue the spy.... I thought it was one of their more popular bags?
  14. I don't find it strange. That bag has had its day and discontinued probably because of poor sales. Cannot compare to the speedy, people are still carrying it as compared to spy. But have heart, it might come back again down the road like the baguette
  15. I hope they don't discontinue it :sad:. I just got my very first one two days ago and I am so on love. The leather is so nice!!