Spy Bag ....and.....spy Shoe???!!!!!

  1. [​IMG] Just when I thought I had it all!!!!What do you guys think!!??
  2. Oooh, cute !
  3. Wow :love: Where are they being sold, and how much?!
  4. :lol: wow.
  5. I like!
  6. I like:love: , I see it's from Styledrops for $609. Sorry if it's been asked before, but do they sell authentic merchandise?
  7. cute shoes...i'd buy those!
  8. How cute!! I had not seen those, they would be great with the bag!
  9. The shoes are at Styledrops...
    they are a authentic store...but check the prices...they charge a higher price 80 % of the time...I only buy from them if its a must that I cant find elsewhere....
  10. Yikes!!!! I'm really not a shoe person so what do I know ..... but don't like it. Not a fan of peep toes.
  11. Very cute! Just like the Paddington boots and mocs!
  12. I think I like the shoe better than the bag. :amuse:

    It has a vintage appeal to it -
  13. Cute, but too much heel for moi.

  14. i am a big shoe and bag person and i love them:love: :love: must go to fendi and inquire on my day off;)
  15. word!

    Beautiful leather and details, wrong design for me personally
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