Spy and Muse Owners

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I posted before about choosing between the Fendi Spy and the YSL Muse. I went to visit them in the stores this weekend and loved both, unfortunately for my wallet. I am thinking of getting the Spy in Cognac and the Muse in either chocolate brown or oak. All you owners out there can you tell me what you think of these bags? Also if you think these are good colors to choose. Thanks!:upsidedown:
  2. Hi Kikila :flowers:

    Both bags are gorgeous and sooo practical.. I have a taupe stam and an off-white muse and both r so versatile and can be worn many ways, casual and chic... I'm sure u r going to love both of them and get so much use out of them.. The colors u've chosen are beautiful and will be great for fall...Enjoy :tender:
  3. I love the Spy in Cognac and the Muse in Chocolate - its a tough one that! Good Luck:P
  4. [​IMG]
    Its a toughy as i have the chocco above but want the muse too so can't advise one way or other. All I can say is that the chocco spy is trully amazing
  5. The chocolate muse is lovely
  6. Pick the colors you love! I really like the colors you chose. I have the Spy and I purchased it before I knew about the Fendi bag that looks like it but, has a zipper. I kinda wish I would have baught the zipper one. I do get allot of compliments though on my Spy it is Choclate.
  7. I really love the Spy in chocolate brown. I bought one myself. I was considering the cognac but I've heard a lot of negative comments about that one. I'd go with the chocolate Spy.
  8. Kat, what kind of negative comments did you hear about the Cognac? I'm curious....:shrugs:
  9. I love my spy bag in cognac. But I would love a muse in chocolate...
  10. I have a cognac spy and olive muse and love both equally.
    To me the spy is more of a show bag while the muse is more of a workhorse.
  11. I agree with Kat, and would go with the chocolate spy. I have both the chocolate spy and a white muse, and think they are both great choices.

    Before I got my spy, I recall reading somewhere on here that the cognac used to be (I don't know if it still is) made out of a different leather that might show wear a lot more than the choco. I did see the cognac IRL, but fell in love with the deep color and the quality of the leather of the chocolate brown. Let us know what you end up getting!!
  12. Love them both! I have the choc spy and a black muse. I use the spy a lot more. It's just so easy to get in and out of.
  13. Thanks for all the advice! That is weird about the cognac spy being of a different leather, I will have to investigate before I make the investment! If anyone has anymore insight into this cognac versus chocolate spy issue, please let me know!:yes:
  14. Kikila I think basically what it was as well was a lot of people were posting on here about marks being reallyl visable as well on the cognac as apposed to the chocolate which doesn't show anything really. You need to decide for yourself though which colour suits you best and what you would wear more with your wardrobe.

    Good luck - keep us posted
  15. My vote would be for the Muse. It's a classic, timeless bag, one that will not look terribly dated in a few years.

    I also think that the Muse is more versatile. You can wear it either casually or in a business setting, whereas the Spy is more of a fun, trendy bag. I would never pair the Spy with a suit and heels, but the Muse can easily cross the line from jeans/t-shirt to crisp blouse, pencil skirt and heels.

    If your pocket book is a concern, it might like the Muse a little bit more since its price point is lower.