Spy - An everyday bag?

  1. The first Fendi bag I fell in love with is the Spy. I just can't get her out of my head. And since I am having this dilema on which one to buy - Prada Gauffre or Fendi Spy,guess I should ask this question.

    How do you use your Spy? I have been using my Miu Miu satchel everyday since I got her a month back. Will I be doing that with my spy also (when I get one)? Note I said when and not if.:p

    In my eyes, the only one flaw in the spy is it lacks a zipper or clasp of some sort on the top. I can see all my stuff falling out of my bag. Does that happen to you? I carry the usual stuff - wallet, makeup bag, hairbrush, cell phone, beeper & car keys, mint etc.
  2. Which gauffre do you want? For whichever one(s) who have in mind, you should try them on in the stores to see how they look on you. What's happened to me often is that I really like a bag but its too big or small, so that helps eliminating. With the spy, the top part pretty much securely falls over the bag so nothings ever fallen out of mine. If you hold it upside down or throw it in the air obviously things may fall out:p. They are both very different and beautiful bags! If you have some pradas but no fendis then go for the spy!
  3. I don't have a Fendi. Bought a Magic bag and sent it back. It was too small for an everyday bag for me. The Prada Gauffre I want is the satchel. I have the Miu Miu satchel of the same shape and I like it. Since I am a little chubby (ok a lot) I think bags with structure look better on me. That said, the Spy also looks good on me. I wish I had unlimited wealth and I would get them both.
  4. Lol we all "want them both", and I often end up doing just that. The satchel is too small for me and the hobo was too big. I LOVED the tote but it looked awkward. I ended up getting the metallic bowler since I already had a spy. So since I like the spy better than the satchel I say SPY!!! :tup: Everyone needs at least one lol!
  5. I too fell in :heart: with my 1st Fendi bag, The Fendi Spy in Black Satin. The only flaw is the leather braided handle. If you were too put so many items, your shoulder will hurt. The leather bits will 'eat' your shoulder and it will be left red and sore. I wore it almost every single day while on a 4 day-trip holiday in Singapore. So I had my camera, purse, water-bottle always half full, Tote umbrella (super light!), mini make-up bag and mints. Yeah, it can take its toll. My favourite every day bag is my leather/nylon Prada ;)
  6. I almost always carry a Fendi...sort of go between baby spy and regular spy for every day stuff. Other Fendis for other events/gatherings or just fun. :yes:
  7. I carry my spys every day... now that I have them, I just don't want to carry anything else. I've never had anything fall out of it. It does a pretty good job of sitting upright where you put it, and the flap does cover most of the top and doesn't slide around easily.
  8. I would definitely think so, especially for the chocolate brown spy.
  9. If I had to pick only 1 bag for the rest of my life it would be the Fendi spy. I would use it everyday if I could. Being at uni, it's not very practical for books and I can't really chuck it around on the ground. But it is definitely an everyday bag. I don't have the problem of it eating into my shoulder cos I hand carry it all the time.
  10. I also don't have a problem with it hurting my shoulder, but I usually just carry my wallet, keys, phone, cardigan, maybe a magazine, extra pair of shoes... that sounds like a lot, but it can actually fit much more!
  11. I too carry one of my spies almost every day... my other bags are growing cobwebs because I rarely wear them!:p

    In my opinion, the spy is the perfect everyday bag, and the most comfortable bag to carry.
  12. depends which gauffre you want but i think i would lean more toward gauffre than spy. i only like the 'simple' spy - the plain black, cognac, green, petrol. none of the lighter colour ones and definitely nto the ones with any kind of embellishments. but i'd still go for a gauffre just because it's less of an 'it' bag and there aren't as many horrible fakes.
  13. I carry my spy everyday, she's my favorite bag, I take her to work and ev'. I love her, so I think you can definitly buy one without hesitation.