Spur of the MOMENT BID..I WON..What did I do??

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  1. I was warned that being here would peek my wants and needs...:yes:

    I was surfing Ebay lastnight and came across a SAC FLANERIE Bag..

    The price was at 300.00 something..so I thought..what the hey..I'll put in a bid of 350.00 thinking for sure it would go higher...well...this morning.. I see I won the thing!!

    Now...I'm thinking...I should have asked some questions..prior to bidding. The purse looks authentic..but as some know..pictures can be tricky.

    I usually only purchase from sellers I'm familiar with..but like I said..I HAD A WEAK MOMENT!!...:sweatdrop:

    Would someone who is more LV savy please take a look and tell me what you think..

    I've emailed the seller with my payment intentions..but also asked that he guarantee authenticity...

    HELP and NEWBIE PLEASE...thanks

    eBay: Louis Vuitton Sac L@@K Low Reserve (item 140040695871 end time Oct-16-06 21:16:45 PDT)
  2. Hi, I think you should post this at Authenticate thread..Mods will close this thread..

    It doesn't seem Authentic...pls repost it in the right forum so others can help you outt too. ..see you there..
  3. Looks authentic to me. There are other people on here that can tell you for certain. If it is authentic, you got a heck of a deal! Enjoy!
  4. The heat stamp looks good to me...the O in the Louis Vuitton looks rounded. The date code checks out (NO is a valid prefix for France).
    I'm sure those who are much more knowledgeable will be along.
  5. OMG I missed this, I love it , I wish I would have spotted this :sad:
  6. Ops..I ha dto go back to check on the stamp font again..

    Are there 2 versions of this bag??

    please check on this one:
    Different botom..this one is from MPRS..

    Auctiva Image Hosting
  7. The bottoms are totally different aren't they? The bottom of the MPRS looks like a shopping tote??

    OH..I hope I didn't get the shaft on this one....
  8. I wonder if there were 2 different sizes of this bag? The bag in question looks good to me. Any other opinions?
  9. I did just pull out my old LV Catalog from 98 and it does show 2 different sizes..a GM and a PM...but it doesn't show the diffences in appearance between the two..maybe just the size is the difference?

    I'm nervous...:sweatdrop:
  10. May be you bidded on GM (with vachetta in the bottom..I am still nervous about your font..
  11. I'm thinking I will contact MyPoupette and pay the 5.00 fee to have them take a look at it??
  12. Great idea!!! If you can ask for more pics will be better too...
  13. I just submitted a request to MyPoupette to have them look at it...

    Hopefully if they need more pics, the seller will comply...:s

    Fellow LV Lovers, Please Keep your fingers crossed for me...:sweatdrop:
  14. Just don't send payment until you KNOW it's authentic and you have nothing to worry about!!
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