Sprouse scarf and shawl (and others) are on elux now!

  1. Go check it out. The Sweet Flowers Bandeau is available in all 3 colors!
  2. I just bought the Sweet Flowers and a Groom one from elux a few min ago myself... whoo hooo!
  3. OH yay.
  4. How does the shawl look?
    is it nice or is the monogram shawl with lurex just as nice.
    I love the leapord though.........
    Is it worth 590.00
  5. Does anybody have the leopard shawl?
  6. Thanks op, wow, so many scarves.

    I know the red leopard was selling on eBay for >$2000 last winter. But then again, maybe LV made more this year. I loved last years, but maybe it's because this year's scarf is actually the color of leopard, maybe it's turning me off a little.
  7. I got the e-mail from Elux this morning. I want a red Groom long scarf to tie on my Neverfull so badly, but I am broke! So sad...
  8. Wow, thanks! I haven't checked elux for awhile.
  9. I think it's the rose one on the very front page of elux, the background looks more pinkish than the one when you actually click on it. However, I want to see the blue one.
  10. I don't think the one on the first page of Elux is the same as the Sweet Flowers page. If that's what you mean. They are totally different.

    I think the first one is the Etoile Banduea. Which I can't find a link for on there?
  11. iTS called the star bandeau and is only in pink @Elux-good luck
  12. Ohhh so what's the etoile bandeau? Or is that even a name for one? LOL
  13. Ok, thanks... I couldn't really figure out what that was and couldn't find the link for it. When I clicked on it, it just took me to the page for the others.
  14. is this a new sprouse scarf? will it be in stores as well?

    i remember some girls saying they snag easily, and i would want to use primarily for travel.