Sprouse Pink Speedy Graffiti..need help deciding

Dec 26, 2006
I've been considering purchasing the pink graffiti speedy from Sprouses collection. However, In all the pics I look at, the graffiti appears to be red. Like Madonna's and Paris's pics. I'm fine with red, but I'd really like to get a good idea on the exact color of the bag, (since I'm not buying in person)

Also, do you ladies think its too trendy? I wanted to add some major POP to my spring/summer collection. Also, I should add that I'm having my first child in 2 weeks, so I'm hesitant about buying a handheld bag. But, none the less, I think its a definate eye catcher and something just draws me to it.

Also, for those who own it already, how well does it go with a majority of your outfits? Do you find yourself wearing clothes that only compliment the bag?

Just need some opinions



Apr 11, 2008
I personally don't like the graffiti speedy. roses are a different story. The graffiti to me looks kind of juvenile, IMO. If you're having your first child soon, i'd def opt for the neverfull, though


H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
Here is a pic from garance dore blog (in what I appears to be a natural day light) - it does look red:


MHO - even though I am a huge fan of the original Graffiti line, I can't get used to neon colors of this season's collection. I feel because the print is smaller and so bright, the speedy should have been made in a smaller size (25cm). I do think it's too trendy (old graffiti was not so much in your face, KWIM?). I do like the way this line looks no certain people, however. Madonna and Agyness ROCK their speedy bags because it totally goes with their eccentric styles, IMO!:tup:


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