Sprouse bandana..

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  1. I'm wondering,, I really like them, esp the orange one, but what to with it besides using it as a "scarf" ..? u guys need to help me cause tommorow I'l be going to LV!
  2. Hi, yes I got them but I dont know what else I could do with them. I know they can be worn as a bracelet but it seems to look a little crazy on men.
  3. could they be put in a pocket of a jacket with jeans???..l dont know other wise..sorry x
  4. Tie on to handbag!
  5. Can u show a pic of how? Don't mean to hijack thread but I just bought one too and am not creative - so would love the visual(s)....if not here, can u direct me to a thread? Much appreciated!
  6. i have the pulp bandanna, and I use it as a headband (bandanna), scarf (two kinds: knot in middle of neck, or knot on the side), and you can also tie it like a desert scarf (triangle pointing downwards) and wear it under a peacoat or something.. that looks very nice! Also, tie it on a bag... etc.
    HAHA! i'm not very good with explaining...
  7. You can tie it around your wrist
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    I'm petite enough to wear them as neckerchiefs. However, back in 80s (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) bandanas were worn with jeans, tied around your leg. That's right. I am not making it up. You'd tie 'em around your upper thigh with your ripped up stone-washed 501s. Need a visual reference? Try any John Hughes movie or Back to the Future. The pic below is yet another 80s concept. Since Sprouse is all about the 80s, why not try a little retro look?
  9. Is it big enough to be a headband? I only saw the SAs wearing them as scarves around their neck.
  10. ^ Yes you just fold them on a diagional then fold done to a strip as wide as you want. I do find it mis-shapens quite a bit though
  11. i wear mine like a desert scarf. I wouldnt know how else to wear them being a guy. It does look great with a peacoat. I have a cotton one i like to wear it with.
  12. I like the Sprouse Bandanas too, and i would like to buy it, but the Sales Agent of LV Milan (Italy) told me that they sell them 3 by 3....(the orange-pink-green color, togheter...)

    I'm a little upset....they cost 280 Euros!!!!

    Ciao ciao

  13. Here's a pic of scarf worn with my pont neuf