Sprint cell phones-what do you have?

  1. I need a new cell phone and have Sprint-i also have a $150 credit towards a new phone.

    What Sprint phone do you ladies have and would you recommend it? It has to have a camera-thanks!
  2. MY friend just got a Katana II, VERY cute. I know nothing about Sprint tho, but damn that's a cute pink phone.
  3. I currently have the (discontinued) Samsung A920, I like it just fine but since I am eligible for my upgrade in October, Im getting the Treo 755. I went to the store recently and played with all the phones and that's the one I managed to come back to several times.

    I wanted the bigger screen, the ability to set up a slingbox to watch TV, the ability to use a good scheduler and web stuff.

    its MUCH bigger than Im used to since I like the little flip phones but I think the functionality will be nice.
  4. I like my katana.
  5. I loooooooooove my Fusic!!
  6. treo 650, love it.
  7. i have a Samsung A900 ('the blade' i think it's called) and absolutely adore it - too bad all the samsung phones that are out now for Sprint are pooey! they stopped selling the A900 a couple months ago, but it's honestly the best phone i've ever had. of their selection now, i'd probably get either one of the Blackberries or Treos - none of their regular phones tickle my fancy AT ALL, and i work at an electronics store, so i've gotten to play with ever one of them. of their regular phones, i'd go with the LG Muziq. it's most similar to my beloved A900.
  8. I have a Katana, no problems with it.....
  9. I currently use a Treo 650 and I love it.. there's the 700 version which is out and my bf uses that one. I've been using Treo's since 2005 or 2005 and I doubt I'll ever stray.

  10. I had that same phone( Samsung A920) and I upgraded to the Treo 755p. I love this phone and it has made my life more organized. I am thinking about getting the Franklin Covey software also.
  11. I have a preference for flip phones only, and I don't feel a need for organizer-type phones. I've got the Samsung M610 and I love it :}
  12. I have had the Samsung A900, the Sprint Razr, and now have the Motorola Q.

    Hated the Razr, loved the A900 and currently love my new Q.
  13. Def a Treo 700.
    They just came out with the 755.

    If you're ino a phone with everything..like a computer..go for a Treo!

    if not, the Katana like every one has mentioned is nice too!
  14. I have a Razr v3m but I've also had a treo 650, ppc-6700, and a Motorola Q. they were all nice phones but I've got a Palm TX now so I just carry the tiny Razr everywhere.
  15. I have a Palm TX as well. It certainly is a better organizer than my MOTO Q, but I don't find myself using those features on either to much. I'm wedded to pen/paper. But I love looking at them!