Sprinkles Cupcakes

  1. Has anyone ever tried them?

    I will admit to eating 4 of the Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing at one sitting. Seriously, some of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.:heart:
  2. Yes! I love Sprinkles Cupcakes! My favorite is the Banana with vanilla buttercream frosting. I love the Red Velvet too, and the Dark chocolate. So delicious!
  3. mmmm... yummy the Red Velvet cupcakes are my favorite. Don't feel bad I've done the same here.
  4. i was in beverly hills in october and we went into sprinkles and got a ton of cupcakes but i was really sick while we where there and had a horrible cold and lost my taste so when i ate one i couldnt really taste it..it was so sad...i wish they shipped to other states :sad:
  5. I had to resist going there today... I was shopping in BH and so close... but I'm on a diet before my vacation. I adore their red velvet cupcakes too! The pumpkin was really nice too.
  6. I was in L.A visiting friends and told them I was going to drop by Sprinkles - I was suddenly besieged by orders!! - banana's my favourite too!
  7. Someone from California. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me some Sprinkles cupcakes!!!! I'm dying for some!!!!
  8. the red velvet one is deeeelicious.
  9. I love Red Velvet! So yummy.
    off topic question: what is red velvet made of? it tastes like chocolate cake but also like golden cake? is it a mixture of both? I've always wanted to know. :P
  10. Red Velvet is basically regular chocolate cake, mixed with red food coloring. :smile:
  11. They are opening a location up here in San francisco soon!!!

  12. Yay! Where is the store location going to be? I hope it's downtown so I can go during my lunch breaks.
  13. I LOVE Sprinkles Cupcakes! The milk chocolate is my favorite; I ate a whole box of them all to myself. Hmmm! : )
  14. Pricey but ohhhh-sooooo-delicious!!!
  15. I love them too! My sister brought some back when she came back home for the holidays. My infant daughter first reaction was :wtf: because she couldnt believe how big the cupcakes were. Were used to seeing cupcakes half that size!