Sprinkles Coach collection!

  1. After laying it all out, it seemed so small!

    Missing from picture: Samantha sunglasses & a pair of shoes
    Picture 002.jpg
  2. Very nice collection!
  3. i like your new legacy bag
  4. Love the color of your Legacy bag!! :love:
  5. cute!,I love your scarves!
  6. Oooh the legacy bag is so pretty ! Lovely collection ! :yes:
  7. Love love LOVE the legacy bag!! and your new skinny!:love: :heart:
  8. Nice collection! Beautiful legacy bag
  9. Lovely collection! The absence of signature is quite refreshing.
  10. Love the bags and scarf!
  11. nice collection...keep em coming and buy more bags :
  12. Nice collection love the brown legacy! Is the black bag from the new legacy collection? Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see some more Coach lovers.
  13. Beautiful Coach bags!! I love them all.
  14. cute collection..
  15. Cute bags!