SpringSummer 2007 The Summary

  1. I thought it would be useful tohave all the info in one place so I've go through loads of listings and found what info I could (still most likely missed some). As the items will be released over the coming months I've broken it down into the months for the info I'll start with Jan (yes I know that's passed) and Feb. Please note this is all info I have found here so there are many people contributing all ready to the thread thankyou everyone.

    15th Rivets in lambskin available in Ecru (off white) and Black


    Pomme D’Amour Vernis released for a 6 month period (likely to be extended if popular)

    1st Valentines collection includes Heart cles ($350), Flat pouch, Phone Strap, Pastilles available in Framboise, Pomme D’Amour and Pearle, Limited Edtion
    Inclusion Jewellery released in Pomme’D’Amour

    1st Mens Kangaroo Leather bags released Sac Plat (black or brown) and one other style in GM ($2500+) Black only or PM($2100) style comes in brown or black, also floral keep all ($1680)
    1st Lvoe Tote available in Cream Canvas with embroided Love ($1750), Violet satin and Khaki Satin with sequin Love (both $1610) one shot, possible date pushed back to April. The is also a range of accessories to go with Lvoe collection and includes a phone charm, pair of earrings, brooch and Scarf/Bandana
    1st Mini Lin launched in new colour Sand, also new models for mini lin including Noe ($900), Pochette Cancun ($300) & Porte monnaie rond($185). Sand will be available for min of 1 year.
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  3. Feb Continued

    15th Show Versions of Dentelle:- Besace ($2310)& Pochette ($1330) available with silver or gold lace overlay. I was told launch for dentelle is 26th Feb for UK. Also Dentelle belt will be available

    15th Denim Patchwork available in two colours (grey and blue) 5 styles available:- Cabas $3080?, Pochette Rabat $1750, Bowling $2350?, Speedy $1050 **Price increased to $1890**, Pochette Croissant $1050 possible incorrect lookbook picture.

    16th Monogram Rivets Pochette ($630) & Handbag ($1820) plus 2 belts available ($435 & $635)
  4. Are the valentine cell phone straps still available? Oh they are launched on the 1st of Feb. sorry
  5. March
    1st East/West bag launch available in two colours (Red/Blue & Gold/Beige) and two sizes (PM $1680 & GM $2660) made of woven leather. One shot


    1st Epi Montaigne 4 Styles available:- Bowling GM $1420 Black & White only, Bowling PM $1200 Black, White & Red available, Handbag $1310 Black & Red, Clutch $750 Black & White
    1st LV Cup 8+ styles available Black & White art deco style also accessories available. Spinnaker (duffle bag style) $1500, Gennaker GM $1420, Gennaker PM $1200, Tourmentin $950, Artimon $1320, Misaine $810, Solent $750, Genois $600
    1st Comerical versions of Dentelle available :- BH ($1330), speedy 30 ($1260), Ludlow ($315), Cles ($200), Compact Zippe ($530), Pochette Porte ($550)
    1st Monogram Premium 4 styles available XXL Pleaty ($1540) one shot all others permanent collection. Pleaty GM $1260, Pleaty Shoulder bag $1015, Pleaty Clutch $ 650

  6. March Continued

    15th Polka Dot Canvas 3 styles available Bowling, Pochette & Steamer. RondCles available in 4 colours
    15th Polka Dot Stripes Besace & Bowling

    15th Polka Dot Flowers Deposit only 3 styles available Besace, pochette Rabat & Pochette
  7. ooh thanks for the summary! I hope the LoVe totes do get pushed back, more time to save (after tax returns and stuff!) because the more I see them the more I love them (even though I don't think they're worth the price lol). I'd love to get all the LoVe accessories though especially the phone charm and earrings!
  8. April

    Quilted Leather Bags these have now been named after clouds I don't know the names of each perhaps someone else can elaborate on this
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  10. Random Information about Other Bags to be released (i.e NON Runway Bags)

    White (or Ivory Epi) will be released soon most but all styles will be available there will also be an Epi Noe released in White & Canelle

    There is a much awaited Damier Hampstead Bag to be released a new tote/shoulder bag, really cute, looks alot like batignolles with the clip top, and leather corners at the bottom...think mc speedy, but in leather. Available in GM, MM, PM.

    The Denim collection will see the discontinuation of the Sac a Dos PM & Pleaty and new bags inthe form of a bum bag (fanny pack) and messenger style similar to Rift. Also there will 4-5 small accessories including a cles, rond and zippe

    New Antigua Cabas will be released it is cream with blue strips (like the lining is inside the Antigua's)

    Mini Lin Baby Diaper Bags available in 3 colours pale blue, pale pink and ebene ( I think)

    Damier & Damier Azur Sporty bag The dimensions are 12 X 10 X8. They are rolled handles not flat. The Sporty Bag has adjustable straps so it can be worn on the shoulder. It also has two decorative straps similar to the ones you see on the keepalls, with a brass LV plate similar to the Sophie. It also has open pockets on each side. Think of the shape of the speedy --- triangular-like from the side with the zipper opening a few inches down the side, open pockets on each side. Expected release May 1st $1420

    There will be a damier azur squash racket cover released (so hot) there will also be a set of boules (you know that french game where they throw the ball up in the air and try to get to land close to the "jack")

    New lugagge - Rolling Dufflebag (wheels and retractable handle)

    3-4 new Mulitcolour bags in sizes small, medium and large i think the large was called audra gm so similar shape but don't think it had the same handles, it also had drawstrings like the thedas and leather corner patches like stephen (btw all had leather corner patches)

    Limited Edtion MC With Exotic Leather (possibly lizard) available in Black & White MC trimming on White will be available in dark pink, dark blue and violet and lt. pink, lilac and lime for the Black price isestimated at $4200 or $4700, expected to launch April

    A few new styles with the plate (LV l'inventeur...) a la sophia. including a pochette, and a larger style. Note, SOPHIA was not in the look book!!! however it is showing onthe UK database with the price as £210

    A new line will be launch, same processus like the one used for the Groom except that it will represent the "bag and trunk" logo tag that you saw on the Globe Shopper Cabas. I will be on small accessories like the the Pochette Accessoires.

    There are two new messengers, called Outdoor PM/MM/GM, that have gold mesh across the front.

    There will be some small leather goods released in mono for PDA, Ipod, Camera and a damier wallet for id cards with leather necklace to wear around your neck this was in store today and is very cute.
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  12. Also

    The launch of the miroir lockit is scheduled for july, in gold and silver, it will only come in one size, it will be in the classic lockit size
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  14. Thanks for the lnfo, I definitely want a miroir lockit in gold, I wonder what the price will be???

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