Springstreet deserves some love


Mar 26, 2019
I went to LV store just to look at the pochette metis empreinte since I had that bag on my mind for a long time. However after seeing it in person, I realized it is not me. I was not a fan of the leather and the style for some reason reminds me of lawyer or office briefcase then I am stumbled upon the springstreet. The moment I saw it , it was the love at first sight. Any springstreet lovers out there?can you guys also show me your springstreet. I think the style is so beautiful and they deserve more love. The price is also good too. The only cons I found for this bag is the strap. I found it too bulky , I prefer carrying the bag without the shoulder strap.
Here are pictures of my new bag



May 27, 2009
I agree it’s such a beautiful bag at a great price point but does go under the radar. Haven’t seen many people with it. Congrats on your new beauty