Spring's Mod Styles : Do You Like ?

  1. [​IMG]
    For spring, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld whips up Lucite platforms, oversize shades, and armfuls of bangles—all in a crisp palette of black and white—to complement his collection of mod miniskirts and A-line dresses.

    Cameron Diaz was one of the first fashion-forward stars to work the mod look. At The Holiday premiere in Madrid, Diaz makes a memorable entrance in Chanel’s bold shift. December 2006

    At Pucci, designer Matthew Williamson applied the house’s signature swirling prints to body-conscious dresses and flirty minis. Statement-making accents—from large bangles to see-through wedges—complete the past-meets-present look.
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    Ever the style chameleon, Sienna Miller test-drives Pucci’s ’60s-style dress and necklace at London’s Chain of Hope Autumn Ball.

    Milly Full of hardware-accented minidresses and graphic print frocks, Milly’s spring line offers many wearable options for the season’s ’60s trend.

  3. i really like the mod look, but i think you need to be careful to mix it with more mundane things, lest you look like you're wearing a costume.
  4. I love the look, and I love how the A-line dresses look on celebs, but I tried on tons of them and I look severely pregnant in them, being rather slim! I think very few real people can pull it off in reality.
  5. Sometimes A-line dresses / skirts can be really unflattering (makes you look like you have huge hips). I finally found a pretty mod dress after weeks of searching... the fabric is less structured so the A shape is not so noticeable. Have you tried VANITAS?
  6. If you're not buildt like twiggy this style is less flattering, but it looks very cute on the right people.
  7. Love this style and these specific styles..not all mod styles are cute. I particularly love #'s 2,3,5,6, and 8. I'd wear each of them. Particularly #3 and #8.
  8. The mod dresses look so unflattering - even on celebs. It does nothing to accentuate the best parts of a women's body.
  9. Great on the right figure, unfortunately not mine. Where are the white go-go boots? LOL!
  10. I think Hilary Duff looks great in that dress.
  11. Hilary looks really cute in that dress!!
  12. I love mod style but not a fan of the dresses that are TOO babydoll - a short skirt and knee high boots are one thing - Mary Janes and a dress that looks like it should be worn by a 12 yr old is a bit infantalising. I adore mod accessories though! Very grown up
  13. I love the mod style!! Especially in black and white!

    Wore a shift dress (similar to the cutting of the Gucci dress) last week paired with ballet flats, and got many complements :yes:

    I love that it's so easy to wear, and is a great way of showing off leg without looking too tacky (especially at work).
  14. Really like pics 1 & 3. A bit sick of that Caeron Diaz one by now!
    Generally like the style provided worn with correct accessories & on the right figure/age group!
  15. Im doing a bit of the mod thing on one day and on another Im doing the romantic thing. I like them both, but Im liking the romantic styles a bit more.