SPRING7 for free shipping at Neiman Marcus

  1. New Code, since "LOVENM" ended. ("SHOPNM" doens't work either)
  2. thanks, how long is it good for?
  3. "SPRING7" Offer expires 3/31/07 at 11:59 p.m. CT.
  4. SALENM OR NMSALE WORKS too. I forgot which one!
  5. just checked, SPRING7 and SALENM both work. now i need someone to stop me from pressing the submit button from checkout. :sos:
  6. Thanks for the code! I just got a Be & D bag -- crossing my fingers that it doesn't get cancelled!
  7. Thanks for this! Just got some super cute things!
  8. Just Used The Code And It Worked...many Thanks. Ordered My First Botkier In Pewter...just Over $500.00 With Tax...been Wanting A Metallic Bag For Spring And Did Not Want To Shell Out $1200 Or More For What Will Be A Short Lived Trend...do Love The Pewter However! Thanks For The Tip...appreciate It.
  9. (off-topic) kalodie1: Congrats! If you got the fan hobo, please post modeling pics if you can. I always wanted to see it that looked like on a person.
  10. Thanks for the code and the other post on UGGs bought my second style of these .. one from Saks a couple of weeks ago and now these with the code thanks!
  11. Oh, thanks!!!!
  12. I purchased the Clyde tote..
  13. I just used Spring7 and got free shipping. Don't forget to use NMSpring for a free umbrella too.

  14. Ooooo! Which one did you get? I've been loving Be & D bags lately!
  15. oh ma gawd, you guys are so awesome, i bought my bag 2 days ago and called to use the code today, and they let me! 22$ saved on a chloe bag that was only 620$ over 900$ off reg price and found out about sale on purse forum!
    thanks for the hookup!