Spring ZOE suggestions?!

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  1. I can't stay away from my Lg. black on black signature Zoe. I've decided this could be a GREAT bag for spring in the correct color combo. I'm open to leather OR signature.

    What are your suggestions???
  2. Parchment Zoe! The original with the gold strap! :biggrin: Or berry, if you can find one! :biggrin:
  3. What about Coral? that's a fun one!
  4. The original khaki/brown. I have it and that is my fav, or how about the khaki/red siggy?

  5. YES the parchment - I returned mine and I cried when I got home I am lookin for one -I think she is my HG bag
  6. I love the parchment too - with that metallic strap.
    It's all so pretty.
  7. I just got my parchment/gold Zoe NWT from ebay for $139.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will post pictures on the weekend, she is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have the green patent and I think it could work well for Spring too. I like the coral color as well.
  9. Get you a patent one girl! Coral, Berry, Green, one of those will be perfect!
  10. I recently got the canary yellow leather for spring. I'm not usually a yellow kind of girl, but it's such a soft pretty yellow and the leather is buttery soft. I heard this color even recently went to clearance at the outlets. Or there's a brand spankin' new slate blue leather at the outlets right now too.
  11. I love my orchid zoe, it may be pepto-bismol colored pink but to me she's wonderful! They're all sold out now, though.
  12. ^ I was going to say the Orchid. She really is a pretty bag. I saw a lady carrying one yesterday. I'm still kicking myself about that bag. The rose isn't bad either.
  13. ^^I get more compliments on my orchid zoe than any other bag I own. I can just be walking through Walmart and women will stop me asking about it. That doesn't happen with my other bags.
  14. Gee thanks Oops! Now if you will excuse me, I think I'll go cry myself to sleep over the Orchid Zoe. :crybaby:

  15. ^^There are 3 on ebay, all for under $200 apiece. I have to resort to ebay or bonanzle when I miss out on a bag at the outlet. Luckily, I've been able to find all the bags I missed a good prices! You'll find it if that's the bag you really want. :greengrin: