Spring WaitList INFO Call Now......

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Here's the info I got from my SA. Waitlists are open for the following:

    LVOE totes: Canvas & Satin

    Patchwork Denim: There will be two colors...blue & grey. The following items are open for waitlist: cabas, pochette rabat, speedy, and a bowling bag.

    The gold embossed bag with the chunky gold hardware handles....waitlist is open for those. Will be coming in gold and silver.

    No prices.....no release dates. No info on anything else from LVOE line besides the two totes (i.e. no clue if there will be small accessories).

    I am #1 on the list for the patchwork speedy in blue & grey:yahoo: :yahoo: I put myself down for both because I'm not sure which one I want...I think the one in the Scarlett ad is the grey though...so that is probably what I'll end up with.
  2. Ooo thanks for the info twiggers! I am going to print a pic of that Spring 07 ad with that silver/gold lettering tote and add my name to the waiting list next time I'm at LV!!


    Is this the satin or canvas tote? Or am I totally off as to what this is?
  3. oh my what have we done lol congrats:yes:
  4. Karen told me that the price for the LVOE Cabas will be $1,600.

    I'm taking a wild guess at this... but I'm thinking that the bag is canvas, and the "LVOE" letters will be satin? :shrugs:

    Thanks for the info Twiggers!!! :biggrin:
  5. Canvas @ 1,600 :s ? I LVOE it, but I don't LVOE it that much.
  6. I really love the LVOE tote too!! ahh but the price. I think I'll have to pass.
  7. Okay probably a dumb ?? but which one is the gold embossed bag!?!
  8. That's me too! If it was $1300 we would be in Biz but somehow that $1600 price tag throws me off!?!
  9. I like the LVOE tote, but 1600 does seem like alot!!

    I like the patchwork speedy as well, but not sure if I LOOOOOOOOVE it:smile:
  10. Thanks for the info!
  11. So THAT bag in the Scarlett ad costs $1600???? :wtf:
  12. Is it this one?
  13. Ohh yeah! I am LOVING that one!

  14. My SA is off today. I will have to call her tomorrow. Boo.
  15. Hi all...
    There are two bags in the LVOE tote line. There is a satin one and a canvas one (according to my SA) so he thinks the canvas one will be $1600...because the earlier cruise line this year the large tote was the cotton/linen/canvas and was right around that price.

    That white bag....he thinks that is actually a limited vernis thing. I'll try to find the other one I am talking about....it is actually all brown with some gold stuff all over it.