Spring vs. Summer vs. Fall vs. Winter bags..

  1. Do you change your bag per season? I look forward to when COACH launches their new fall line, spring line, etc., but have always wondered about switching bags by season. Living in San Diego, CA, I've never really had to change bags due to extreme weather conditions and all. Maybe I just tend to buy bags that will work all year round.

    What do you do?
  2. we have so little summer here i just use my same black or tan or red bags w maybe one white one in summer.
  3. I live in NY and I do use certain colors for certain seasons.
  4. Well it is January and I'm carrying my Pond shoulder bag, does that answer your question, lol.

    I carry what I want when I want to.
  5. YES, spring summer I sue different bags compared to fall winter. With that being said I use different bags in sunny nice weather then raining/snow/wet weather. :smile:
  6. I'm in Phoenix where we don't really have a Winter just Summer, Fall and more summer! LOL.... but I do like to carry a Fall/Winter bag and Spring/Summer. I don't switch out very often...maybe 3 times a year.
  7. I definetly do not switch out my bags just for the season. I pretty much use whatever bag I feel like using. I know I probably look horrible but I just can't wait to use the bags I love.
  8. In Texas we dont have seasons they just meld together into a big hunk of hot and mildly hot days so I use whatever purse I want.
  9. I think I'm the same way!
  10. I LOVE the pond shoulder bag. That's a great year round bag!
  11. There are definitely colors that "mark" certain seasons like browns for fall and such. I hardly see change of seasons here, but sometimes I feel like a pastel color won't work in October only because I know it's October, KWIM? The weather can still be 80 degrees and sunny outside, but in my mind I know it's fall. However, for the most part, if I want to use a certain bag, I'll carry at anytime during the year.

    What colors do you use for certain seasons?
  12. We don't have much season here either but regardless I don't switch my bags for seasons, I just wear what I want when I want. :yes:
  13. Black, grey, and shades of chocolate browns I wear in the fall/winter......lighter colors I like in the spring/summer. Some colors I wear year round, like my tobacco ergo, and I THINK I would use my khaki/berry carly year round (b/c of the color of the berry), but right now I am saving her for the spring b/c I think she is going to be a HOT looking spring bag w/ the new clothing colors I am seeing out now!!!! I use my khaki/camel Hamptons year round too....I think it just depends on how deep the color is to me to make me want to use it in a cerain season. It doesnt have to do with "rules" or "no rules" it's just how I feel it looks!!!
  14. Totally--I can see the khaki/berry carly year round too. That's such a great color combo! I agree too with the color choice not really having much to do with "rules" vs. "no rules". If it feels right and looks good, go for it!:smile:
  15. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!