Spring underwear/what to buy?


Dec 27, 2005
Now that spring is near I find myself cleaning out my closet and it is a yearly task to get rid of all my old underwear and buy new for spring. My neighbor and dear friend works in the lingerie dept. at a major dept. store so she buys me things on sale which is great. I just discovered Chantel bras-which are now my favorite but need to look around for some other things, I like Wacoal too.
What are your favorites? I want to go to Marshalls and TJ Maxx this weekend, it kills me to spend full price on underwear but I laugh because of what I will spend on a LV. I am sure you all understand.:nuts:
I spend good money on Wacoal bras (I need the support!) but only have to buy them once every year to 18 months. Underpants, I get the cotton ones when they go on sale at VS!
The Victorias Secret Very Sexy Push Up with padding is the only bra I'll wear. Seriously, it might be false advetising, but it sure makes my chest look good in shirts! :smile:

As for panties.....

Victorias secret PINK has really cute ones, they're my favorite for thongs, and string bikni-- but don't ever get normal vicky's bikini ones, they sag on the bum!

hmmm, I used to buy abercrombie ones, but they fall apart really quickly-- my personal favorites are American Eagle boy shorts, they are possibly the most comfortable things on the planet.

Good luck!
I second and third the recommendations for Victoria's Secret PINK collection! The underwear has a perfect fit! Unlike the regular cottong collection, which sags at the butt!
I live in Victoria Secret's lacey boyshorts. Sexy and comfortable, who knew they could combine?

Now if only I could find a perfect bra... any suggestions for the D crowd?
mewlicious said:
I live in Victoria Secret's lacey boyshorts. Sexy and comfortable, who knew they could combine?

Now if only I could find a perfect bra... any suggestions for the D crowd?
"fantasie" makes the best bra for those of us who are endowed... no "front butt" with fantasie! talk to your loungerie SA and make sure you have the right size- for years i thought i was a 38D- turns out my best fit was a completely different size! it has made a huge difference (no pun intended):amuse:
Fantasie sizes run one size smaller. It is strange because the people in the lingerie stores do not seem to tell you this fact and then you are trying to get your regular size to work and give up. My sister in law who wears a D cup loves wacoal bras and she just started wearing Le Mystere. I myself love the Le Mystere Carina Bra but it does take time to get used to the molded cup but it sure is comfortable. I hate the way lace bras don't work with t shirts and a lot of other clothing. Prima Donna bras feel like you are not wearing a bra and some of them are so beautiful but at over $100.00 a bra they get too expensive to buy. I also hate anything that itches against my skin and bra shopping is a pain to begin with. My sister went to NY to Bra Smith ( I think I spelled it wrong) and the ladies were so snooty there they did not give her the time of day and sold her the wrong size. Funny think is that she hates to shop and would have probably bought 10 bras if they treated her well. :lol: My friend who works in lingerie said most women wear the wrong size bra and probably 75% refuse to take her advice and get the correct size. She does laugh about it and has stories to tell.
I don't know what my deal is, but the only bras I think are flattering on me are Victoria's Secret Body bras. Maybe because I'm so accustomed I think anything else looks funny under my clothes, but I know there has to be a better bra out there!
I have to say for underwear, Hanky Panky's are the best! They are soo comfortable and come in either low-rise or regular. When you have them on, you dont even feel that you are wearing them. And a bonus ... they come in soo many different colors!