Spring Trunk Show Pics!!!!!!!!!

  1. Here u go....ENJOY!
    These are from Saks in PA
    1-610-667-1550 ext 258
    ask for Damian
  2. :woohoo:
  3. :coolpics: thanks for posting!! i like the gold clutch.
  4. I love the clutch..It has a thin long strap tucked in side too!
  5. The clutch is a MUST have for sure. Im just in love with Gucci this season..LOVE!
  6. Gold is so hot! but i like the black toooooo
  7. Thanks for the sneak preview, Jill! I'm not sure which one is Damian but Juan was my favorite SA.. He's been gone for awhile now
  8. Thanks for the pics! Some pieces look a lot better in the photos to me, I especially like the clutches, the D-ring leather bag and the bamboo top handle. :drool:
  9. Very interesting styles!
  10. woohoo! thanks for the new pictures! :smile:
  11. YAY lovely pics!!!
    this is bad, I'm on a handbag ban :wtf:! I must be strong!
  12. jill ur the best....really! i love the chocolate brown satchel!!
  13. Thanks for sharing the pics Jill! The clutch is cute!
  14. The gold clutch is my fav!
  15. thanks Jill for the pics i love the satchel too