Spring trunk show 2007- new purses for luxury line?

  1. Hey there! ok, so i've been agonizing over whether or not to keep my black matte luxury medium bowler (calfskin; from cruise collection)...i love the shape/size but the color is a tad dull...but now i know that spring 2007 is coming out with more purses in the luxury line in distressed patent leather colors! (info. courtesy of pursemaven :yes: )

    so i was wondering if any of you gals has seen this purse in person at a trunk show; i can't quite picture it in my head, so if anyone can describe it or have pictures, i would really appreciate it! (the chanel trunk show for me isn't until feb. 20th and i need to decide before then if i should return my purse or not)
  2. I saw it at the Saks trunk show in white. It was pretty but personally I prefer the leather! I think maybe it looked a little stiff?
  3. Are you talking about the one that is $2750? If so, definitely comes in black and I want to say a darker blue? Both in patent. Rectangular on shape. I think it zips on top. Has chain handles that also runs down through the body of bag, stitched CC in the middle. Looks very nice!! This is the one that sticks out in my mind. I don't have a pic but I think someone posted it on another thread.
  4. I just came back from the trunk show at Saks and saw the Luxury red patent flap bag. It is GORGEOUS!! Not stiff at all and much roomier than the orginal flap. I put my name down on the list for it. It also comes in black, white and navy.
  5. I'm on the waitlist for the bowler in blue. It's a GORGEOUS blue patent that'll look fantastic with jeans. I didn't find it stiff at all.
  6. I've seen the Bowler in Patent Blue and the Flap in White Patent. Both were cute but I personally like the leather ones better!