spring trends

  1. Hi, I am new in this site. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the next season's trends.
    I am a handbag freak, I love them so much I have designed my own line, but I don't know who to turn to, to learn about the spring trends.
  2. big, big, and bigger.

    and my SA at Bob Ellis in Atlanta (i like shopping there so much more than Saks or Neimans, the service is much more personal and they are great at finding rare bags and shoes) told me that if you think metallics are big this season, then you haven't seen anything yet. i trust him, he's usually right on the money.
  3. Yes, the metallics are going to be huge! The Chloe metallics are great, I can't wait! Big bags are still hot as well. Bright colors are going to be seen from many designers. I love so many the Spring collections.