Spring Trends from Gucci *pics*

  1. From Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan @the WSJ:

    Handbag shapes are getting a makeover, too -- after years of soft and slouchy shoulder bags being popular, designers now are moving toward more structured-looking purses with top handles such as this $2,250 Gucci bag with red and purple detailing.
    Gucci's low-heel shoe with red piping, purple heel and silver hardware, $525.
  2. not digging the bag but the shoes I LOVE
  3. me don't like the shoe! But the bag has potential, just take out the tassels!
  4. Blech...not liking the color combo at all....maybe I have to see it in person...:throwup:

  5. I love the bag!
  7. Sorry, so NOT me!!!
  8. This bag is not for me but there are alot of cute bags in their Spring line up!
  9. :yucky: Yetch! Looks like something you'd find on The Starship Enterprise! :yucky:
  10. ROFLMAO!
  11. I like these two Gucci spring bag~
    I really love the red color, but not a fan of the tassels.


    redpython.jpg blackpython.jpg
  12. WOAH! Now I'm totally loving that red python (though I'm not too keen on the metal plates at the bottom). Moot point though. I'd have to mortgage the house to afford it, I'm quite sure!!
  13. The bag is bad, but those shoes are horrendous.
  14. I know it's gucci , but yuck ! Don't like the bag or shoes.Disapointing.
  15. eck... none of them floated my boat..