Spring Tano Bags on Pre-order at Luna Boston

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  1. Just found that Luna Boston put many new spring Tano bags on pre-order.
    Luna Boston | Browse for Tano

  2. I'm kinda fond of the Suzy Hotrod Tote except that it only comes in brown or black. I'm looking for a bag in a nice shade of blue. Thanks so much for posting the link!
  3. You are making it awfully hard to stick to my purseban!:graucho:
  4. I just pre-ordered the Boogie Bucket from them in Blue...they are really really nice and I love the bag. The saleslady at Luna even called Tano for me and tracked down the blue I wanted, when it would be in, called me back, and Grechen doesn't hurt either. Plus she dealt with my 3 e-mails and which-blue-should-I-get nonsense...they are a really great company.
  5. I am dying for their spring backs to come out!!! Thanks for the heads-up!
  6. Thanks for the info! The bags I like, the Five on It Large Tote and the Sexy Terry tote does not say what the dimensions are, so I don't want to preorder w/o knowing first.
  7. You can pre-order the Suzy Hotrod bag in Celeste blue from That's Our Bag, Browsing Store - Suzy Hotrod. Not that I just did that or anything!