Spring/Summer preview

  1. Hi everyone! I just got invited by my SA to see the upcoming Spring/Summer 2007 preview show or something... It's my first time lol, so I'm not sure how you call it... I was wondering, what exactly do you DO THERE??? cuz i'm not sure if I should go or not, i'm only 19 so i'm sure i'll get more chances in the future to go (ie if i decide not to go lol)......... So, you just watch and enjoy? Do they give you freebies? lol Can you BUY whatever bag/accessory is available at the show or do you need to go on the wait list? Thanks in advance!
  2. Maybe this is for the cruise range as my SA said they were having an event here for it ... there will be shoes, bags etc...at the events you can usually purchase what-ever you like and they offer free drinks & food:yes:
  3. so even if a bag is from the Spring/Summer collection, I can buy it almost 6 months ahead of the launch?!??!?!? WOW! lol well I guess you answered my question! Thanks, what about others? your experiences there?
  4. No, you can you but what is actually out and preorder what isn't.
  5. That is why I was thinking it would have to be the cruise range as they don't know what they produce for S/S 07 yet:confused1: The cruise range is due instore next week:yes:
  6. it's most probably the Cruise Collection preview... which shouldn't be confused with Spring/Summer Collection. the do Cruise collections for those clients who travel to the warmer south during winter. a similar but opposite thing goes for the Pre-Fall collection. the Spring lines won't be out 'til April :yes: i doubt they'd have waitlists for the Spring bags just yet. they don't even know which models will exactly make it to production.
  7. I have no idea it's for the Cruise, but thanks for the clarification! My SA said for spring and summer, then again her English isn't very good...... lol..... I asked her to repeat the date and time for it 4 times lol..... yet, she is SUPER nice! so I'm happy, we usually speak in Chinese