Spring/Summer platforms-what do you think?

  1. I just ordered these cute off white platforms. They are Frye, so what do you think?
    Keep them or not?
  2. Very cute! I have the same Frye shoe in saddle from last Spring. I also have the T-strap clog version on the same platform sole. Love them both! I like the white, too!
  3. Hmm... this is an iffy shoe for me. It could be so lovely, yet it can easily go wrong. :lol: What do you plan to wear with these?
  4. I will wear them with jeans and long summery skirts with Tees. I am more worried about the height of the heels than the style which I love!
  5. Not my bag as they are a little too Jessica Simpson but would certainly look good with a slightly more bohemian/seventies outfit, would look cool with flarey jeans
  6. Keep!
  7. Conical heels just aren't my style, but I'd love to see what you put with those! Also I think the raised platform will make that a shoe to easily walk in. :biggrin:
  8. Considering I wear 4 to 6 inch heels, these look short to me. :blink: It's always good to try a pair of shoes on, or at least know the brand, before purchasing a shoe. I am a huge fan of Dior shoes, but I tried on their new "Metallic Platform Sandals" and they absolutely killed my feet. I actually ended up getting the new Yves Saint Laurent's which were higher heels but were more comfortable.

    Nonetheless, I wish you all the luck! Post pictures of you and your new heels when you get them. :yes:
  9. I think they're cute, but I'm not buying any more platforms (even really beautiful ones like the CL Simples!!). The platform trend has gone on for SOOO LOOOONG that it seems like it MUST be on its way out. I would probably let these shoes go just for that reason. Just MHO, though--and I'm usually pretty wrong about fashion :smile:
  10. not into these, but maybe you could make them work!
  11. I think they'd be super cute with the right outfit! It's fun to make outfits work! :yes:
  12. My opinion...I think there is little chance that the platform trend is on the way out. My prediction is that platforms are here to stay for quite some time. And I would be surprised to see them taller than ever before.

    But who knows, I may be wrong.
  13. ^^^ Totally agree! :yes: