Spring/Summer jewelry?

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  1. Does anyone know if they still going to push the jewelry line, particularly the bangles in the spring? I went to get a silver/pond 1/2" bangle Sunday and they were all out, so they checked for me and came up with only four left nationwide.... making it almost impossible to get one :crybaby: . I love the pond color.
  2. They will be restocking them end of january :smile:
  3. Will they still have the Legacy stripe one? I hope! :sweatdrop:
  4. I wanted the Legacy Stripe one too.
  5. The jewelry is in the new catalog.
  6. Yay! :yahoo: There is hope yet. Thank you!
  7. Same here. They were all out. I will be getting it in jan.
  8. I wonder if they're available at the Coach in Yorkdale mall (Canada). I'm really liking the purple/gold large hoop earrings.