Spring/Summer Hair Long or Short?

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  1. Just thought it would be fun to see what everyone prefers Long or short? Highlights or more natural?:amuse:
  2. I usually cut mine to chin length in the fall & let it grow out so I can wear it up during the summer. It's soo thick & heavy. I have medium brownish hair that I have highlited.
  3. Long, mine goes to my lower butt... :smile:

  4. I have my hair just hitting my shoulders and its blonde through highlights :smile:
  5. my hair is naturally brown and ringlet-curly, so i always keep my hair chin-length or longer. it's past my shoulders right now and i'd like to grow it out to the middle of my back. because it's curly, it takes forever to add length, so that will be a long process, lol.

    i also get it hilighted with a good bit of blonde because it adds depth and dimension to my hair and brings out the curliness.

    i hate how it looks in a pony tail, so i wear it down 90% of the time, even though it's like wearing a wool scarf in the middle of a hot Georgia summer.
  6. long, about halfway down my back. I have a few large platinum blonde streaks underneath my top layer of hair, so they show through sometimes. and layered.
    but by summer, I'm thinking it'll be cut to above my shoulders and streaked, more obviously, again.
  7. Long with highlights. I usually go darker in the winter.
  8. I've got long hair in all seasons, i always say i'm gonna cut it when it comes to summer but i never do!
    highlights and a bit of a tiny up will do ;)
  9. I have alot of fine hair...it breaks all the time. I am brunette, recently went dirty blond....I like it, but will go back to brunette when the summer is over. I like my hair an inch or two past my shoulders but have a hard time keeping it healthy, with all of the color I have done.
  10. I've literally had the same look for years - long hair that is cut once a year, but usually tied back. I'm really trying to psyche myself up for a huge change for the upcoming warmer months....much shorter, and side-swept bangs. I had 2 really bad haircuts in succession and since then, my style has stayed the same. I usually get really nervous, even for a trim.
  11. P.S. I do comb my hair once in a while now... lmao!
  12. I've had short hair most of my life. Right now I'm growing it out to chin length (which is long for me, LOL!). I've found a fantastic colorist, and right now my hair is basically an auburn with gold highlights and darker brown lowlights. My hair is so thin and fine, and the color gives it some body and depth.
  13. Mine's always long and some shade of blonde!:biggrin:
  14. Mine is long, straight, fine and natural blonde. I do some natural looking highlights in winter as it gets dull and blah looking from no sunshine and I put suncreen on it in the summer to keep it from getting too damaged or bleached looking. Most of the summer is it in a ponytail or up off my neck. I'm a wash and go (wouldn't hold a style anyway)! I had mine down to my butt, then just above shoulders, now it is about half way down my back, but I am thinking about cutting it to just a few inches below my shoulders, it would look thicker but my hubby would freak, he has it in his brain that it only looks good long. Long hair is also kinda my security blanket I think that I tend to hid under it. I don't have the frame or bone structure for short chic hair.
  15. Wow... FIRST time seeing Vlad!! You're a hot one!! ;) ::run away before Meg kills me:: :lol: