Spring/Summer clothing fever

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  1. I have been really, really bad this month! I've purchased so many new, EXPENSIVE clothes for this season, and really need to stop. I've never been this way before. I purchased 2 dresses (Milly and Karl Lagerfeld), 2 Kate Spade tops, 3 Banana Republic shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes (Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs). I'm embarassed to think about how much I've spent - I think the total amounts to $1300 - more than enough to buy a nice bag :shame: . I don't really need them, so I feel bad. I've justified it by the fact that I am getting a merit raise on Friday, and have been working really hard lately.

    Please don't let me buy anything else (or shake a finger at me)....

    Has anyone else been bitten by new clothes fever???
  2. i've been controlling myself but i was just about to comment in ur shoe thread that you seem to have gone on a shopping spree lately :weird:..........u've gotten everything i've had my eye one, lucky u :sad2:

    but once u start buying clothes it's really hard to stop.....i was on a roll a few months back, buying something new like 2-3 times a week.......had to yell at myself
  3. I'm still stuck in a winter rut...it's still so cold in the NE. It doesn't feel Spring enough to buy yet....not yet...
  4. I know how you feel. It's too cold in NJ to think of spring. I want to wear cute light stuff, but still too cold. :Push:
  5. don't worry, i'll come over to your house and take some of those off your hands ;)

    haha jk. i want to see these though!!
  6. I completely know what you mean. I've been buying spring clothes too even though as I type there's still snow on the ground here! I just keep thinking that I can will spring into being with another cute skirt or tee, and it never happens :lol:
  7. Well, I've decided to take back the Marc Jacobs shoes, and one of the Banana shirts. I'm going to make the conscious effort to stop :P . We've had below average temps here in DC, so I'm sure these purchases will be sitting in my closet unloved for a while :sad: . I think I got inspired when we hit the 70s and 80s about a week and a half ago....bad, bad weather for tricking us.
  8. SuLi! Kate Spade makes tops, or clothes in general now??
  9. And congratulations on your raise!
  10. it's definitely still too cold here. when is spring going to come?? today it's going to be 51 and sunny...and of course i'm working til 11p. when i'm off it's cloudy outside.

    i can't wait to buy sandals...there are sooo many cute shoes this spring.:biggrin:
  11. They have a very small collection of clothing! The website has an incomplete listing. If you go to the site, it's under "accessories"...here's a link. I hope it works:


    I purchased the gogo tunic, and a smocked top that isn't on the site.
  12. Whoa! Thanks, SuLi!