Spring/ Summer CL Sales Thread

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  1. boutiques will send you a list via email if you ask them. sale is already going on. Neiman's is doing their sale but their sale prices are nothing like the boutiques. Down side is sales at the boutique are final sale.
  2. These are available at Jeffreys ATL. Contact William at slam12@bellsouth.net.

    Multiple sizes available.

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  3. More from Jeffrey ATL.

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  5. These are from Saks ATL. Contact Jonathan at jonathan.saks5a@gmail.com or pm me an I will give you SA Darrells contact info.

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  6. More sale shoes from Saks ATL. These are all first cut for sale.

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  7. I am trying to locate CL Doracora, size 39, in pink. If anyone sees them or has an SA who has them, please PM me!

  8. Does anyone know how much % 2nd markdowns usually are for CL?
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    At Nordstrom in size 35, 39.5 and 40, $ $698.75 Victoria kid 160 in black. Pm for Sa info.
  10. From my NM SA. Please PM for SA info.
    CL N'prive 38.5/380
  11. I can't seem to PM you. Would you be able to pass me your SAs contact thx
  12. I wish its in size 35.5

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  13. Does anyone have any idea when boutique sales start in European stores. Paris etc.
  14. Does anyone know if the white pigalle is on sale? Im looking for pigalle 100mm in white, flamingo, neon green, and lady peep in shocking pink and/or neon green all sz 35. I've called multiple stores (boutiques included) but everyone seems too busy to help locate :sad: I've also noticed that the boutique sale prices are MUCH better than department store sales.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! TIA!