Spring summer chanel

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  1. Does anyone have pics of chanel bags from the spring summer collection. Has anyone seen the chanel crochet bag, or is it lace?:blink:
  2. Haven't seen it but am very interested!!
  3. If you go to the Chanel website, there are pics of some of their spring/summer bags. I tried to save them so I could post them here, but I have no idea how to do that since it is a flash website. I also think that the valentine heart bags for spring are adorable (the matching shoes also look great). I think I have to venture in and check these out.
  4. Please forgive for long post, here are a few pictures.

  5. If anyone finds out how much the bag in #1 necklace in #11 and necklace in #14 are please let me know!!!!
  6. Nice pics, PurseFanatic. I love the white with crocheted edges on pic #7, and the shoes are pretty!:love:

    makes me long for summer.. Lots of snow, ice & chilly wind where I live:sad:
  7. Love the pics! Thanks PurseFanatic!
  8. I just love their shoes! I want to buy them all!!! I really like the pink/shell colored bag in the first pic. TDF!
  9. You ladies are welcome, oh guccigirl, if you use Windows and you have the print screen button on your computer, you can hit print screen and then open up Paint and hit paste, then save it. For when it is Flash.

    I am new to the handbag and jewlery world of Chanel, my grandmother wore their perfume, No5 of course, and I wear Chanel make up, so I hope to learn alot about the purses from you ladies!
  10. Oh this is good info! Thanks PurseFanatic!:P
  11. nice pics! i tried on the tenth picture...i wanted to buy them, but they'd get dirty as soon as i stepped out of the house...plus the bf wouldn't have been impressed with me spending $700 on a pair of shoes. the matching purse to them is cute though!
  12. I received those pics in the mail from Chanel a couple of days ago. I LOVE the bag in the second pic. I saw it IRL but it had goldtone hardware. THe SA at the Chanel boutique on Spring Street in Manhattan told me that bag only comes with goldtone hardware, so I passed on it. The one I was interested in was beige/tan. In the pic though doesn't it look like silvertone hardware?!?!?!
  13. I just love the beige flap bag!
  14. Thanks for taking the time to post pics, PurseFanatic!
  15. thanks for the pics. i love the bag in picture #7 from the top. what do you think? in black?