Spring/Summer Bags on Chanel's website

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  1. Hey ladies!
    Chanel has updated their website with official pictures of the spring summer bags :smile:
  2. Thank you.

    I wish they would show more of the collection online.
  3. thanks for the info!

    ehhh I love a few necklaces on there! the short one with pearls and the black camelia and the long one with red camelia and black stuff ? LOL

    ooh i gotta call 1800 to find out the prices hehe
  4. Wow, the new fabricbubble quilt (#5) and ultimate soft (#7)-looking bags are very interesting. I prefer the older versions.
  5. Don't bother calling them, I can tell you they are VERY VERY expensive. LOL!:wtf:
  6. oy here goes the rest of my money i am loving the new collection!!!!
  7. I love the cerf with piping also - I just called and the price of the large cerf with piping is $2895.

    I also asked about the resin cuff with the bandana print - $1340!! I love that but not spending that much.
  8. really?? even the short choker? :crybaby:maybe I will just settle for some earrings :graucho::nuts:
  9. I believe Justine remembers some of the prices. I'll have the lookbook next week, but actually I don't believe the lookbook has prices.
  10. ^^ ok thanks Mon, I can wait since I will be away for 2.5 weeks! YAY
  11. I love all the pearl necklaces.. i wonder if they will be between 500 - 800 or 800 - 1000 or 1000 - 1500.... :smile:
  12. :roflmfao:

    Sadly, what Mon said is true! The long necklace with lots of camellias is $6100!:Push: The long strand with three camellias (only three!) was $1875. So the choker has to be less than that, although I'm guessing it wouldn't be cheap.

    The thing about those pieces from camellia bouquet collection is, that the camellias are actually hand blown glasses made by a company called Desrues (or a name close to that, lol) and it takes 30 mins to make one camellia! The lookbook said it took about 5 hrs to make the brooch from the collection, which resembles a bouquet of different colored camellias.

    I didn't check the earrings but I bet they are very pricey as well.
  13. ^^In the Neiman Marcus look book they showed a two-finger ring with camelia bouquet. It is gorgeous. I believe retail was close to $4,000 for it.