Scarves Spring/summer 2021 scarves


Jun 16, 2019
I think everyone would agree that 2020 is year we would all like to forget, the world has been in turmoil and continues to throw us some curve balls. whilst we have sought solace in buying some gorgeous Orange boxed goodies, I want to think ahead and hope someone has some intel into next years scarves. I hope the pandemic will turn a corner and the world gets back into a footing of compassion, caring for each other, looking after the environment and personal growth. The press day may not have happened but if it has does anyone have a taste of things to look forward too?

Foxy trini

Feb 9, 2019
2020 is not the best but there have been many things to be thankful for as well. I choose to focus on the positive and look forward to more amazing orange boxes and silky things to keep me smiling and feeling alive! Can't wait to see what's to come! xo
This comment resonates really strongly with me. Thanks for stating it. I remind myself daily to find the rose first not the thorn, and be grateful for all my blessings - health, strength, family, friends, H :smile:. Ready to close 2020 on a strong note and embrace 2021.
Feb 26, 2007
And a lot of red for once = nice! Great to have something to look forward to during these most awkward times. Do hope the red is 'true' and not the orangey tones they usually use. Hermes reds in leather ( and cashmere and ceramic) tend to be rather more successful than in silk - characteristics of the materials I suspect.