Spring/Summer 2013 Podium Order

  1. The Birkin Sailor is really terrible IMO! And the Kelly with the fringes..:nogood:
    JPG, pleeeease come back!!!
  2. I love Pink the best!! I also see it is the harder color to get and if you notice on places like eBay the pinks go for higher prices!! I like a true pink though, not nude pink or coral pinks :biggrin:
  3. Thanks so much for the photos!! I'm loving Carmine and Soufre!!!
  4. I mean carmin
  5. Yes, I agree. Amazing!
  6. :cry:
  7. :woohoo:
  8. Yaaaayyyy:woohoo:

  9. Hi, did anyone know what leather will be offered in Blue de Galice, Blue de Prusse and Tabac Camel? Thanks.
  10. I like the Besace and maybe the Berline and liked the canopee shade but i seem to be in the minority there too !
  11. don't mention it :smile: hopefully next season gonna be better

    me too, i like the besace. can't wait for the shipment to arrive at my local store
  12. Kinda, sorta on the Malletina but still...:graucho:
  13. Thank you so much for the news!!
  14. Does anyone know whether jaune soufre will be offered in togo ?? Thank you!
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    get this man out of H !!!!!!! im sorry but i hate hate hate lemaires esthetic H is now ultra expensive Lacoste !!!!

    sorry i like the victoria in croc !! but then again thats a design christophe had nothing to do with!!!

    thankyou Mrs. rance !!!!!!