Spring Summer 2013 Bags

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  1. stylebistro
    Chanel+Spring+2013+Details+sIyIsB3mq0Ax.jpg Chanel+Spring+2013+Details+iKbdlbWsowKx.jpg Chanel+Spring+2013+Details+pwcQIhwOSBix.jpg Chanel+Spring+2013+Details+XF4g2k0Djxgx.jpg Chanel+Spring+2013+Details+yvDY_dD9gGPx.jpg Chanel+Spring+2013+Details+OyZWigo2MTyx.jpg Chanel+Spring+2013+Details+wYwew1D7z_kx.jpg
  2. Omg I wonder who'll actually be purchasing the hula hoop Chanels! Fashion forward or fashion victim lol? And the clutches- Karl must be missing his Lego bricks.
  3. wow I hope Hirsh will be ordering that hula hoop bag! ;) but just the small one--Id have a hard time getting the large one in my car lolol.
  4. Are they really going to produce the hula hoop bags? lol!
  5. it was gorgeous!
    that first multi colour bag is already on my list!
    calling my SA tomorrow :yahoo:
  6. it was gorgeous!
    that first multi colour bag is already on my list!
    calling my SA tomorrow :yahoo:
  7. That caught my eye too- very fun!
  8. The hula loop is a real "fun" bag! Haha
  9. I could see 30 years from now the Chanel hula hoop bag will be in some sort of Museum in a show dedicated to fashion from this time period! Haha :biggrin:
  10. The green clutch is tdf
  11. Thanks for the laugh, Karl...a hula hoop Chanel!:woot::woot:
  12. It's too arty for me to appreciate!! Nevertheless it's still refreshing too see new & bold designs once in a while :smile:
    I hope they only made limited pieces of the big hula hoop ones cos like one tpfer has pointed out, it's a waste of leather. Besides I doubt hardly anyone would get it.
  13. Wow, that first bag would perfectly match a pair of Chanel Tennis shoes that are those same colors (minus the black)... Just checked the box and they are 08P, and I have only worn them maybe 2 times... Hmmmm as matchy matchy as that would be, I think I must do it.... Not a fan of the hoop bags... Totally not functional, but eye catching runway flare, that's for sure... wondering if 13P will bring lots of crayola/primary bright colors? I could easily be tempted....
  14. I want the green clutch too
  15. OMG, I die for that first bag! Very Piet Mondrian! If anyone finds out how much it is, let me know!